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The current record NG run has some weird deaths on the ghaul fight that I wanted explained because they look different than mine.
Im not saying hes cheating or anything I just want an answer to what is going on.

¤Edit¤ To make it more clear (because I wasn't) when he dies the death screen leaderboard doesn't appear and he instantly respawns as if he wasn't in a darkness zone.
I included one of my own deaths in the ghaul fight for reference.

PC - these are from a recent run not posted to
Console - these are from his current run

Mine for comparison - It should start right before my death.


what do you mean by weird deaths?


Basically when he dies in the ghaul fight, instead of the death screen leaderboard thing after the wipe timer (watch my youtube link for example), he just instantly respawns as if he weren't in a darkness zone.


in the ghaul fight you are able to respawn after 3 seconds, if you look in the bottom left upon death you see is says respawn and then a 3 second timer, fortunately the death screen takes 4ish seconds so if you press respawn whilst on 0 seconds you can avoid a wipe


Oh ok thats odd I didn't know about that


for my runs i just spam the respawn button while in that fight if i die