The game is alive again !
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The game is alive again !

Hello there ! 'm happy to say to you i'm the new moderator of the game (nobody there since 7 months apparently :o ), so i will check all your runs. But actually i have 17 runs to check ^^' (and a WR of Any% in it :o ), so it will take time, please be a little more patient :p.

But now it's fine you can submit your PB i will be there :p .

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United Kingdom

Nice! If you need more mods I'd be happily up for it. I've never set a PB because, well I don't get out of Highlands all that often if I go fast :P

Minnesota, USA
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2 years ago

Well this is a weird situation, i just set a wr on forest any%, but i have class at 8am tmrw, so am i happ or will i die when i wake up at 7:30?


Any chance of getting a category for Dyfi Morning Sun considering it's one of the most continuously and consistently raced tracks (compared to the others)? Would be good to have a place for all of the runs as currently with people being in and out of the discord it's hard to stay up to date on any new runs.

United Kingdom

Yeah, getting the maps on level leaderboard would be good.

San Francisco, CA, USA

A few months ago there were no moderators


Btw would be nice to maybe have a volcano leaderboard or even career + volcano

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