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Hello is it possible to add a first person category to the speedruns?

I have done first person run from highlands to peaks and would like to post my time.

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this but my account has only just been made so unable to message the mods.

Virginia, USA

pretty sure camera angles don't matter you should still be able to upload

I can upload my time but im asking if we can have a "First Person" leaderboard added. Imo it completely changes the game playing from first to third person so having a separate ladder for this makes a lot of sense.

United Kingdom

We definitely don't have enough players to split the leaderboards, but it might be nice to have a tag (like the platform one) and allow players to submit both 3rd and 1st person. The issue would be for switching. I do fast steep tracks in 1st person, and tricks tracks in 3rd.

I do agree that there likely isn't the player base to warrant additional leader boards and a tag is a decent solution.

Obviously you would need to do the whole run in the first person for the tag.

Personally I don't think this interferes with the traditional runs that people are currently doing if they switch between third or first person views.

Here is my first person run:

Let me know what you think about the tag system and the run!

New Zealand

I think the game needs a separate category extensions board where things like first person, keyboard, custom maps like stoker and dyfi morning sun runs can go. that way it’s not clogging up the main games leaderboard but people have a way to see those categories. If alien is too busy he can remod me and I can set it up.

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Ok, i'm adding DK37 to the mod right now. TY for to take care about technical stuff like that, not so much my cup of tea. Like that, he can choose what modifications to do on the new categories, rules,... He have more legitimacy than me on this game, cuz he know the game better.

Personaly, for to answer to the actual question, i don't think it's a necessary category (or sub-category), but if really people want it, why not. However, i don't think all the first person runs should automatically be moved to this category. Only if the runner want it. (sometimes, people like that camera angle, and still want to be in the official any% leaderboard).

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New Zealand

Added two new variables for all future submitted runs (might go through and update all the previous ones but would take a while) the ability to pick third or first person camera and the ability to pick which bike you've used. You should also then be able to sort by those by going to filter.

I'm also currently working on adding custom bike park runs (such as some of the trails on stoker, kushmuck etc. Some will be platforms, some only steam as it's the only platform with mod browser.) This will have strictly enforced rules such as not leaving the track or immediate run dq.

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