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So my thoughts are "minskip" should be changed to "intended path" because it is possible on length 2 to go a longer route via section 2 going the top section. so to a point the "intended" route is a skip due to it not being required.

a good example is length 4 you can go the low road on section 4 but not required, sure.

but in length 4 the "intended route" is the longer one.

and length 2 the shorter "intended route" is NOT a skip simply because that's what the dev's expect us to do

so I think we should call the category "Intended route"

P.S. if I'm just not caught up to the lingo to where "minskip" means follow the "intended route" and I miss interpreted the intended path during my game play, then I apologize for making you read this, and please let me know.


Minskip was chosen by vote in the community back in May, the other options being "100%" which it was originally called but people thought that name was misleading; TypicalSkid, named after the person who came up with the category and also decided the pathing route; and Discord challenge, because the idea was thought of in the Discord. MinSkip won by a landslide with double the votes of the next highest option (100%) and almost 6x the votes of the last place option (Discord).

Minskip means doing the game with minimal "skips" or "ways of doing things faster by not playing specific sections" as possible. That's what a skip is. You're skipping parts of the game, i.e. not playing through entire specific sections or simply not landing on specific platforms. Calling it "Intended path" is wordy and clunky, and the concept of an "intended path" would be something that could be heavily debated as even going in blind many people choose different methods of playing the game. There is no one way to play, even if you ignore all the techniques people have invented like swinging to get up tall ledges. Minskip is cleaner, shorter, gets the intended message across and was voted by the community.

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