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I've noticed a few runs have been approved recently without having the milliseconds enabled. As the fastest of them is a (now obsolete) 3;33, I don't think this is a big deal, but I do have a couple suggestions for adjusting the rule.

First, you could set a specific time threshold for enforcing it, e.g. "Times under 3:20 must have milliseconds enabled". Some other highly active games do this sort of thing for milliseconds.

Second—since the lovely devs still seem to be adding new tweaks for speedrunners—you could set the milliseconds as enabled by default, so it'll be much less likely for a player to accidentally not have them enabled.

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Its in the rules that times need to have milliseconds enabled, but there are still a few runs from a while back when they weren't required, so you might be seeing those

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@TypicalSkidTypicalSkid I linked an example from June 13th, and there were some others within the past week as well. Hell, here's one from today.

Regardless, my point wasn't to call out specific people, especially since it seems most of them are pretty new to speedrunning. I just think it makes sense to tweak/clarify the rule a bit, given that these runs are being submitted & approved.

One thing I don't want to see is someone submitting a high-level time without ms enabled and then trying to claim these runs as precedent.


huh strange not sure why they were approved lol