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Hi, I've never ran a Deep Space Waifu game before but I noticed during the run that only 7 of the 11 girls were used in the run. How was that determined? I'm just trying to understand why we do some of the stages but not others.


Yeah basically you only need 30 stars to get to the final boss, 100% is all girls with all clothes. We do specific girls because they are quicker.

Here is a quick list of all the Waifu any% times (what i got during practice)


Mimi - 1:33 X
Kitsune - 1:47 X

5 star:

Shadow Moon -2:03 X
Kuma - 2:54

10 star:

Tabetha - 2:05 X

15 star:

Tiffany - 1:51 X
Lady Whitestroke - 2:50

20 star:

Mary - 2:04 X
Cammy & Kami -2:27

25 star:

Jenny - 2:12

30 star:

Nurse Climax -


Ok that makes sense then. Thanks for the explanation. So for the 100% I noticed we have to get all the clothes off all the waifus. Does that mean that we have to play each and every level (all 11) or do we still only do 7 but just get 100% on all 7?