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Kill the Tripod is a category where you traverse through the hospital in the most unusual way only to eventually meet with the tripod, who you respectfully have to defeat. That is the goal of Kill the Tripod. Unfortunately, this path we take makes you unable to do it in the Any% speedrun (SAD) which is why it has its own category. Does that mean Isaac is trapped in these few rooms for the rest of time? We may never know. Some people may consider this a blessing, others, a curse

This category is something that’ll be passed down to generations, grandkids and all Homo sapiens. Everyone will know what Kill the Tripod is and bless it with their heart they still have that isn’t clouded in darkness and evil.

Kill the Tripod is something that’ll live and stay forever in the Dead Space 2 Speedrunning Community, as it’s considered one of the best categories besides No OoB and Zealot Any%.

No-one could’ve guessed that Radish would’ve gotten a sub 5 minute Kill the Tripod time, a godlike run with perfect "Vent% Lines" and an insane skip. No one ever wants to do Kill the Tripod as it’s seen as a hard category to do, and you aren’t wrong. Kill the Tripod is filled with precision and movement in mind. This is the best category to start out as a casual as it has a mix between of skill and precision, no doubt about it.

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