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I welcome you all! I have a feeling we can have a lot of fun with this game. It's been one of my favorites for a while.

If you have any category suggestions please leave them below!

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timing starts on first movement, you have to show the lobby in the video
all totems solo (1v1) / co-op (2/3/4v1)
map 100% (hooked twice, all totems destroyed, all gates unlocked, all gens repaired, all chests opened, all pallets destroyed)
ruin totem% (destroy ruin/any hex totem in the fastest way possible)
perkless escape (literally finish the game with no perks available on both sides)

game 100%-ish would be finishing every single map (rotation-wise, instead of location-wise (so, coal tower and suffocation pit in mcmillian are two separate maps that you have to clear)).

i'm sure dbd's fate will be the same as dota/league ones.

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That's interesting, I'm thinking of having these categories in two different branches: Solo, or in KYF and both could be interesting runs to try to optimize.


I did a Tutorial% but both in the same run. I think it could be a good addition to the tutorial% category.

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I really like that idea but there is one problem I found. Load times are inconsistent between switching tutorials. If we could find a way to work around that I would love that!


Yea i noticed that it very much depends on the PC you have and how fast it can load between tutorials.

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I believe there should be a Kill% to balance out the Escape%. Rules would be self explanatory: either how fast you can kill 1 survivor or 4 (imo the latter would make more sense).

There could also be different variations similar to Escape% (KYF and Solo)

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Could we have a LIT Discord Server btw Guys ❤
Jeser would you like to create one too? for us to keep communicating with each others or exchanging stuffs ^^
I did send a friend request to your Discord btw 🙂 Hope you could give it a check ❤


A discord sounds good. So Speedrunners could work better together.


Discord in the process of being made. Be patient, should be done soon as a barebone server for now.