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It's come to my attention that the Pig Trap run has changed with the changes to decisive strike. Since previous runs used the old DS (when you didn't have to be hooked to use it) it shaves off the time it takes to wiggle out from the killers grasp. This gives runs submitted before the changes a huge advantage. I think the category needs to change somehow to reflect this change. Either by creating a new post DS category or allowing some sort of add ons to balance out the time difference. This of course doesn't apply as heavily to the multiple survivor runs as the new DS is still usable. But for single survivor and single killer is handicaps anyone who wants to attempt this run.


I don't think so, old DS wasn't efficient at all. And if we did our run correctly, we were able to pull it off 2nd try.


you gotta improve adapt and over come po0jo may you have good luck


You do not need DS to overcome the WR. We will do testing on it and see. But for now the category will stand as is. We might switch up the pig trap% to have add-ons in a separate tab.