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I want to play this on my TV but even with game mode on, 16ms is just barely not enough lag. I don't understand why they limited the delay to such a low value. Googling a solution is pointless because the only results you'll find are how to REDUCE input lag. Anybody know some sort of gecko code or any other method to increase the delay past 16ms for the game? I'm emulating this through Dolphin of course.


why do you need input delay?

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Why the heck would you want your inputs to take longer? It makes literally no sense.

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I think he means the delay from pressing it to it being registered on the game?


Yeah that’s what input delay is - your inputs taking longer to register. But it makes no sense why you would meant that. Everyone I have ever talked to about video games hates input delay...

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I'm laughing so hard at this

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who the fuck would want input delay

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