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If anyone would like adjustments to any categories, or specific quests added to the level leaderboard, feel free to let me know.


Would you please make "F2P Solo Fresh Start Misery's Peak" category? With the rules as followed:

1. All quests in the storyline should be completed:
Shipwreck Shore, Heyton's Rest, Secret of the Storehouse, The Cannith Crystal, The Collaborator, Redemption, Path to the Misery's Peak, Misery's Peak.
2. Any additional quests on Korthos Island are allowed.
3. Account might be not freshly created, but character must be new and account must be F2P.
4. Any server available.
5. No DDO Store items/upgrades.
6. May use daily dice.
7. Any help from other players forbidden.
8. Cannot leave Korthos Island.
9. Time starts the moment your character starts to move.
10. Time stops the moment screen goes black after clicking on the end portal in Misery's Peak.
11. No pauses in the run.
12. May RNGsus bless you.

Sorry to trouble you, but to me, existing categories don't really fit this game.
Thank you in advance.


Hey AndyBlizzard!

Been a while since I have had a F2P account but I believe even for new characters on a new account Shipwreck Shore is optional, as is Path to Misery's Peak. Also having the F2P 28 point build does not very the route at all, nor does it hinder much from the 32 point premium build. At early levels, on normal especially, these small differences barely matter. Plus, from all the runs submitted, the most optimal route is with F2P classes.