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This was a completely blind run. I had some graphical issues with my emulator that make it impossible to see Donald's shadow while jumping in some levels, so the third boss took forever. Same graphical issues layer the final boss' attacks on top of everything else so I have no concept of how far away the fire is. It's a miracle I ever finished the run. If anybody has any tips for how I could fix these graphical issues, please let me know. Once I fix these I will try again. I used PJ64 1.6 with Jabu's Direct3D 8.1.6, which is the newest plugin I could find.


hmmmmmm try with the pc or dreamcast version or maybe try to download other plugs


Try to use PJ64 1.7 or other plugins in your emulator. Sometimes some new plugins causes some glitches in some games and the best way to fix that is to use older plugins

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