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After waiting some time for this, finally I was moved from verifier to super mod. Now, there're some things that are gonna change and I opened this thread principally to talk with all actual and new runners about new changes I have on mind and the one you think it should be added

For now I have added the next rules for future submissions:

- Game versions:
As we know, this game got different releases, making them being diferent from each others, so, to resume words when we discuss about the game, we're gonna call the versions like this:
- Version 1: N64/DC/PC
- Version 2: PS1
- Version 3: PS2/GC

- All new submissions needs to have game audio in order to be approved:
I know that some people likes to play/run games with custom music playlists during runs, but the problem this has is that the vods gets muted segments, or sometimes the videos are blocked in some countries. Also having the game audio helps a bit to know if a run was or not spliced when somebody doubts about it. For now this rule can be reconsidered for non-top runs (mostly for N64 runners since they deactivate in-game music to reduce lag, for this case maybe external music can be added). I'm aware that not so many people runs the game so maybe some people will think that this rule is dumb, but as I've said before, this rule can be reconsidered, at least for non-top runs

- Emulator runs needs to show an input display program:
We know that it's super easy to manipulate emulator runs, making them look as a regular gameplay, so, as in all games I'm mod, if you wanna have more chances to make your run get approved, emulator runs should use an input display. Emulator runs submitted before the day I posted this avoids this rule, but now all future emulator runs needs to use an input viewer as an anti-cheating proof

- Allowed emulators:
For people who wanna emulate the game can use one of the next emulators:
- Project 64 v1.6
- Project 64 v1.7 (recommend)
- M64Py v0.2.4 (Mupen64Plus v2.5.0) [Linux only]
- ePSXe 1.8/1.9/2.0 (recommend)
- Bizhawk
- Zebra

- Demul (recommend)
- nullDC
- Flycast through RetroArch
- Dolphin
With this said, all PS2 & smarthphones emulators are banned due to inaccuracy. If you have questions about another emulators that are not listed, feel free to ask

- Platforms obsoletes runs:
As in most games of the site, platform can obsolete old runs, meaning that, for example, if you made a run on PC version and then you move to N64 getting a better time, your N64 run will be shown instead of your PC run. Maybe I can reconsider this moving N64 emu & PC runs to its own leaderboard

- About emulator runs:
Since N64 version recently got a lot of activity, console runners asked to move emulator runs to its own leaderboard. For now I have been looking for a way to add a subcategory for version 1 so we can have a leaderboard for console runs and another one for emulator ones. If somebody knows how I can do that I'm gonna be glad if you can help me. The last thing I wanna do is to add another category to split consoles and emulator runs

For now that's everything I wanna mention about this, if you don't agree with a point and wanna talk about it, please reply to this post.
If you have an extra comment of you wanna make a rule/category suggestion, feel free to reply to this post.
Also, if somebody wanna discuss more deep about new ideas for the game, hmu on Discord, Twitter or Twitch to keep talking about this. Both Scorpi and I will discuss at our discretion any new changes we're gonna implement, and, if in case of being neccesary we're gonna make it public before we apply new changes

That's all for now, and rescue Daisy

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Hurray! Congrats on being mod my dude!.

Personally I believe that both PC and EMU should be put in their own categories: PC for run faster than the other versions over all, but loses a few glitches like the level 4-2 skip and EMU for having new unique glitches, seemingly runs faster than N64 standard and for being an unintended initially unintended way of running the game which may cause us problems when we want to go to events like AGDQ and all our top runs are on emulator.

This would also mean that the run over ride would only effect people who play DC/N64 so if I get a good N64 emu run it wont over ride an N64 run on the console or something like that.

I think that your changes to audio and input display is very smart! I think it would also help if we gave the option to load a 00.0% completed file on N64 because after messing up a few runs at the beginning areas it can get really demoralizing to have to sit through a 2 minute cut scene every time you load the game.

Also I got a few ideas about making the game more accessible! feel free to message me on discord when you see this if you wanna talk about it. think you already added me

Anyways cheers man! May 2019 be the year of Quackers!

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Well, if I do that I'm gonna have another issues because, if I give their own leaderboards for both N64 & PC version that means I should split DC, PS2 & GC runs. I know each port has its own differences but for now I'll be discussing this with other mods to see what does the say about it. Defintely I'm gonna split N64 emulated games to a subcategory, but as I've said before I don't have any idea about how to do it, and if I don't find how to do it I'll split them to another category while I found how to create subcategories.

With this said, the subcategories for version one will finish like this:
N64 Emu
The problem with PC release is that is kinda complicated to make it work on modern hardware, so, sinc eI saw you made it works you should write/record a tutorial about how to make the game works, sowith it more PC runers can appear and I can definitely split PC port to its own subcategory. So, with this said, If more PC runners appears I can add a subcategory for PC release, for now this is my plan to split V1 leaderboards.

About N64 with 1:17 cutscene, both Scorpi and I don't run this version so we don't know a lot of things about it. I need to see if a 00.0% file doesn't affect the game progress, for this I need to ask for a video where I can see somebody doing this:
- Turn on the console
- Make the save file
- Reset the console
- Do a resetless run
With that I can verify if a 00.0% file doesn't affect, and, if that's the case I'm gonna allow that for both console and emu N64 runs

Yeah, I accepted your Discrod request, so, if you have some ideas, feel free to dm me. Also, I'm looking for the possibility to open a Discord server for this game so we can discuss more stuff about the game on any of its versions

P.S. Talking about AGDQ, I'm planning to submit PS1 version for 2020, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut I need to cut another 4 minutes to my pb


I think you can just have the Dreamcast subcat be named "DC" and not "DC console/emu" because that looks kind of ugly no offense. You can specify in the rules about emulator.


I'm keeping working on it, for now I'm moving each run separately to the new subcategories. DC name tag is WIP but I'm gonna have that on mind. Thanks