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One of my run has already been refused. I've understood, I wasn't using a gamepad viewer, so I've accepted it ; the rules are the rules.

But now, another one is rejected for this reason :
"After talking with game mods we're decided to ban PSXfin due to inaccuracy plus the fact that the game uses to crash a lot on this emu."

Dear GhostSenpai, you have rejected my run because I have played on psX. The problem is, that this emulator wasn't banned when I've recorded my run. And at the very moment I'm writting this topic, the rule hasn't been added (I've just checked).

In other words, you have rejected my run for an rule that doesn't exist.

Sorry to tell you that, but you are overstepping your powers.

PS : Indeed, I've recorded the run the 16th and posted it the 18th. If you want to now, I've recorded the run the 16th in the evening, no more time to submit it. I wasn't home the 17th, so impossible to sumbit it before the 18th.

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Why are you using PSXfin in the first place? Just use ePSXe, Mednafen, or Xebra. Almost every PS1 board on this site uses those 3 and bans all the others. Just see this as a learning experience for how things generally work on this site.

EDIT: Just looked at the games you run. I suspect you're going to say "Well Medievil let me do it". Yeah that's because the boards are separate for that game. When you have a board that compares emulator to console, you need balance in place to prevent an unfair playing field.

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Why do I use psX ? No specific reason, it's the first one I've tried.
Well, with the others games, it is written on the rules. If you want players to use a specific list of emulators, you have to warn them.

Am I dreaming, or are you talking to me as if I was a child ? Who do you think you are ? A bit of respect wouldn't hurt you !!

Then, precise it in the rules. You know what, I'm not just a casual, so I don't know all the technical details. I simply thought, that the difference between consoles and emulators was based on some glitches makeble on emulators, but not on consoles (MediEvil, for example).

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Alrighty Matchless I have some beef.

Firstly it was made pretty darn clear that when it comes to PS1 emulation that the only accepted version are:
- ePSXe 1.8/1.9/2.0 (recommend)
- Bizhawk
- Zebra
From the forum post announcing GhostSenpai as the head mod.

Maybe it should be posted somewhere a little upfront to avoid this from happening in the future, but it have been there for two months which is significantly longer than you have been here.

Second don't you think that seems at least a little suspicious to a mod? You have only ever posted two runs total for this game, both on emulator, both in a very low quality which would make things like splicing easier, at least one with audio that cuts out often when the rules specify it needs to be there the whole time, and the world record that is almost a full minute ahead of everyone else?

Third could you at least take a minute to double check these things before making a post like this? There are posts on the forum about what games you should play and what versions to use. The rules say post the name and version and its not in the name or description of either of the videos you posted to youtube:

Don't go calling people out and saying others are being disrespectful when you act like this.

*Not to mention that "inacceptable" is not a word

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Ok, so, after reading all of these, I need to clarify some stuff:

First of all, I haven't rejected your run because you've used PSXfin. The full message that I've posted when I rejected your runs waswas "After talking with game mods we're [I was trying to put "we've" instead] decided to ban PSXfin due to inaccuracy plus the fact that the game uses to crash a lot on this emu. Your submission says you got this run 2 days ago and you waited to submit it, so, for now don't consider this as a rejected run at all, we'll be discussing some stuff about the emulator to see if your run is gonna be accepted or not. Btw, congrats for the sub44, but if you can give a try to the game with another emu we're gonna be pleased". Saying this I never said that your run was rejected due to the emulator at all

Second, in most of PS1 games PSXfin is a banned emulator since it is not acuurate to a PS1 console, making that loading times gets faster than on a PS1 or PS2 with SDS, plus the fact that, if the games has lag in a real console, in this emulator that doesn't happens. Since some weeks ago I've talked with other mods about banning the emulator thanks to this and adding the fact that most of PS1 runners that uses emulators uses ePSXe or BizHawk (I can post you the timed screenshots if this is required) . You can easily count with the fingers of a single hand the games that allows to use PSXfin, but regularly they have a different leaderboard for the runs that uses this emulator. In case that we decided to ban the emulator we also should have consider into opening a new leaderboard for runs that uses PSXfin emulator (like we have done on N64 leaderboard since emulators had less lag and faster loading times than an actual console) so with these we can give an opportunity to people that have issues setting up the accepted emulators and with this we just have splitted the leaderboard moving the PSXfin runs to its own leaberboard. Also you mentioned that the rule of banned emulator doesn't exist. In fact, that's true, we don't have a rule for banned emulators, but we have a sticked post with a list of allowed emulators, and some days ago we retired PSXfin from the list and it was listed with the message "Not recommend since game uses to crash a lot. Use it as a last resource"

Third. After reading this post and listening to another runners of the game that told me that you made this post I decided to check carefully your new run. I checked the audio through a spectogram and I have noticed some weird things in all your run in general:

First thing: In your previous video you just have game audio but on this one it looks that you added a microphone, and at the same time you never said nothing while using it, instead of that I listen to a lot of noice that dissapeared when the game audio was being played, but after it the noice got back slowly transitioned to the game and sharply transitioned to a cruddy mic very suddenly
Second: The pattern with the noice got repeated during ALL the run. As far as I know, all video capturing software has an option to lower down the game/desktop audio when the mic catches some noices or voice, but on this case the mic lowered down while the game audio started to sound, and then when the game audio stopped playing the noice started to appear again as I mentioned on the previous point
Third: In the final boss, the issue with the noice was entirely different. Some seconds before you hit Merlock the game audio dissapeared entirely and the noice is back, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut at this time the noice is suspiciously sooooooooo quiet compared with the noice in the rest of the run; plus the fact that inmediatly when you defeated Merlock your recording was inmediatly cut. I wanted to skip that point at the end since some people uses to stop their recordings when they stopped the timer, but, why in this case the game audio was missed before you stopped the timer??

Fourth: The quality of the recording is also suspicious. It is at 480p but it looks so blurry (like if that was a 240p recording), up to the point that the letters on the splits are unreadable; and the audio is also at a very bad quality. Even old computers can handle recordings at 360p with a better audio & video quality than the one that your run has, which gives more doubts about the runs that you made. Also, the quality in your previous run was much better than the new run that you've submitted.

Even Scorpi's run looks slightly better than your recording and he recored this at 240p

Fifth but not less important: As Jess said, you just have submitted 2 runs, there is no previous submitted runs in your profile or your Youtube channel, plus you don't have any other social media that can handle videos in your profile. The new "WR" has a time of 45:25 in the splits, when your previous submitted run was a 45:43. So, where does the 45:25 run is?? If my common sense is not failing to me right now, you got a 45:25 during the time you needed to submit a run using a gamepad viewer, so, I repeat the question, where does that video is or which was the reason that make you to don't submit it?? The video is not on your Youtube channel and it's so suspicious that the first run that you submitted was inmediatly a world record, when that video has a time of 46:27 in the splits before the run starts, meaning that there is another lost video. With the new world record you got 8 golden splits from a total of 20, and any speedrunner knows that in an optimized game is so hard that you get a lot of golden splits (and continuous ones) in a wr run. This game doesn't has so much strats and things to optimize since is mostly a straight platformer. Even in the NinjaCocktail's run he just lowered his sum of best for 2 seconds, having just 3 golden splits. So, this gives more negative points to your run

And after typing all of that and resuming the point of this reply, your run wasn't rejected at all for the emulator used, your runs were suspiciously from the start since you haven't submitted any other run and you got the world record without having a record in the game leaderboards. I was the one who gived you the opportunity to keep your previous time with the condition that you needed to make another run of the game using an input viewer having a new or close time to the time you got on the video where you forgot the emulators runs rule about input viewer. Then I rejected that run since you haven't submitted the run you were asked for during the specified time that was 30 days long, and the new run was rjeected while mods discussed about if it should be allowed or not,l but after a deep review of your newer submission it's official that both of yours runs are gonna keep rejected due to all the previous mentioned point.

I know that you maybe are upset thanks to this, but I really believe that if you use an allowed emulator, you follow the rules and at the same time you can record a video at a better quality (even at 480p you can have a clear image) yp¿ou can get again the world record even with a better time than the runs you've submitted. Also I invite you to submit each of the pbs you get. This helps to have a runner's record in the leaderboard and to verify their future submissions

And as I've said when I rejected your run, congrats for getting a sub45, I really believe that you can beat the time you got with one of the allowed emulators (or in a console if you plan to get one in a future). If you have more doubts or wanna discuss something, we have a Discord server where we talk about all related game stuff and also I have all my social media in my profile just in case you wanna send me a message if you have future doubs/questions about stuff related to the game. You have a lot of potential in this game and we're aware that we're gonna be happy if somebody can beat the actual legal world record ^-^

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Ok, a night has passed, I've calmed down a bit.

Just understand, I was so happy with this WR, I've followed all the rules, I was sure it would be accepted. It was quite hard to take.

Now, I'm gonna answers the few questions and explain the situation.

Indeed, I've done a 45:25 run. Where is the file ? Xsplit had crashed while I was running (making me mad, by the way). Maybe you won't trust me, but I'm not lying.
There is no more sound at the end of the run, I know this, but I don't know where it comes from. Honestly, I don't know.

For the quality, it's a bit difficult, my connexion it quite limited, but I'll see if I can improve it.

Well, I had no idea psX was faster than the other emulators, now I understand much more.

I'll try to get another one with epsxe, then. Thanks for the answers, and sorry if I've been a bit agressive, I was upset by what has happened.


I don't have knowledge using Xsplit. Have you tried to use OBS?? Most runners uses it so we can help you more easily to set up it. Idk if on Xsplit you can do this, but in OBS you can stream at a certain quality and make a local recording at the same time with a higher quality (I do that), so, in case you were streaming the game you can have a local recording with a better quality making to a side your connection issues.

Also, have you streamed the game?? It woud be nice if you have the vods of the streams, that helps a lot about having a record of your progress

Also, if you use Xsplit check if the sofware allows you to record in MKV becuase if the program crashes the MKV file doesn't get corrupted and your run is saved (you can choose the recording file in OBS)

And with the emulator don't worry. This was our mistake for allowing it for a while, but then we decided to ban it (mostly for the crashes since is an unstable emulator). So, when you run the game using an allowed emulator remember to submit each pb you get to have a record of your runs. For example: If you get a 48:xx and not a 45:xx like in your previous runs, submit it, this helps a lot to verify your future runs (and also in any other videogame)

And don't worry, I give you the reason of getting upset, I hope you keep running the game but now using an allowed emulator, and it would be better if you can stream your attempts also

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Thanks for the tips, I'll try that.
I'll remember it. After all, if it can make things easier.
I won't stop, I'll simply switch to epsxe, it should be better.

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Zockerstu and I we used epsxe 1.7.0 for our last Any% runs. First I used epsxe 2.0.5 but the loads are a bit longer than 1.7.0 (30 seconds at least). I don't know about the other versions of epsxe and other emulators.

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Well, 1.7 is not on the list of allowed emulators since usualy that version is not so common to see in speedruns. Usually people uses 1.8 as the oldest version. Do you think you can give a try to 1.8?? I'll test the 1.7 loading times with PS2 SDS, if the times are similar os slightly slower maybe I'm gonna add the version as a recommend one


I'll optimize my splits with epsxe 1.8 and see the differents compared to 1.7.


I would appreciate that. If there's not so many differences with epsxe 1.8 and PS2 SDS I'm gonna add the emulator to the allowed ones


Hi guys, I know it's been a while but here is a quick load comparison between epsxe 1.7 and 1.8:

I synchronized a test run using epsxe 1.8 with my current Any% run (epsxe 1.7). Since there're no significant differences, I would advise runners to use the 1.8 version of epsxe just because this version is smoother than 1.7. Now that I have some more free time, I'm thinking about coming back running the 100% PSX category with epsxe 1.8 for a new deathless WR.

And happy new year.

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