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It may be too late, I have questions about this leaderboard.

First of all, I think unnatural that we are calling "Any%".
Credits by beating 6 normal levels is unlocked from the beginning, I oppose this as a definition of beat the game.
Also, because it can be said that this category has little competitiveness, it is a category that does not personally feel the necessity.

Secondly, About we are calling "All Platinum Medals".
In secret levels, there is a case in which no platinum trophy can be obtained even by getting all of the platinum medal.
So we should be calling "All Platinum Trophies".

Finally, is it really necessary for the category we call "Secret Ending"?
This category has all stages duplicated with "All Platinum Medals".
In my opinion, it seems good to put it in the Misc category.

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Any% has more runs than the other categories so I don't think it should be removed
It activates the credits so it should count as beating the game (I wonder if it should be called "Beat the game" as there is no % counter), even if you already have it unlocked
All Platinum Trophies sound good
I initially added Secret Ending because I believed that should be the true "Any%", But never did a run, I'm fine with it being removed / put into misc.

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I agree that Any% is not necessary to remove.
I think that it is better to call "Normal Ending" (I don't know the official name in English).
Because it is difficult to decide the definition of beating the game, I think that it is not necessary to call "Any%" or "Beat the game".

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Tentatively, "All Platinum Medals" should be changed to "All Platinum Trophies".
Other than that there will be room for discussion.


I've cleaned up the rules a bit and incorporated some of the suggestions here, in particular the category name proposals.

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I've removed Secret Ending as a category, given the complete lack of submissions in the ~3 years this leaderboard has been around. This also matches the Blowout Blast leaderboard.