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Please use this thread to let me know if you have any suggestions for further improvements to the leaderboard.

I've been making improvements to the leaderboard over the past week. Below is a list of those changes.

Category Changes

Name Changes
• The names of three categories have been changed to be a bit more clear.
• ...NG+ Any% is now Speedrun Mode (NG+)
• ...Dark Arisen DLC is now Bitterblack Isle
• ...Dragon% is now Dragonslayer

Rule Changes
• Rules have been added for Speedrun Mode, Any%, Bitterblack Isle, and Dragonslayer.
• The 5 portcrystal limit has been removed from Speedrun Mode.

Time Changes
• All runs in Speedrun mode have been updated with Real Times.
• The preferred timing method has been changed to in game time.

Theme Changes

• Added DDDA's favicon (this feature has been disabled on SRC for now).
• Added a custom Speedrun.com logo.
• Added a map of Gransys as the leaderboard background.
• Added dragonforged rank icons for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Metadata Changes

• Added Japanese title: "ドラゴンズドグマ:ダークアリズン"
• Added game genres: "Action role-playing", "Action RPG", and "Hack and slash"
• Added game engine: "MT Framework"
• Added developer and publisher: "Capcom"


ng+ unarmed


Until there's a need for additional categories, I'll probably keep it as is (unless there's a more appropriate name for an existing category.

Additional restrictions to existing categories are somewhat hard to place, which can be seen with Syzx's NG+ run (solo assassin, no items). I could create variables to express those restrictions, but that could lead to a very large number of possible variables.


Regarding restrictions in runs, it's probably best to have a variable "Restriction" or something similarly named with either a Yes or No option and what restrictions the runner used in the description of the run.

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