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so the ps4 defense multiplayer that is 3 hours breaks one of the rules the rule is it must be lvl 0 chars and at the beginning of the run they have existing chars i am asking for it to to be moves to the correct category here is the link to the run


Hi guys sorry theirs one more run that is not up to the rules the wr speed run for defense solo+ does not include all of the levels required and must be resubmitted with the correct requirements he is missing the levels after assault on thrown room please fix this issue to keep the integrity of this site

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On the first issue you are absolutely right, and i apologize and i'll fix it immediately (already done)
On the second issue, you are mistaken: rules states: "- Complete all the campaign maps at Normal difficulty. (From Gates of Dragonfall to the Harbinger's Warship)" and after assault on the Throne room there is only Harbingers warship in the campain maps. So the run is valid and does not break any rules


ok i may have glanced to quickly and thank you for resolving the issue i will be a bit more carfule with my evaluations and future forum posts


btw dude u r awesome
epic run i will try to beat it though