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Hello! I just wanted to point out a few things about Campaign (not +) rules and suggest some changes.

There are currently only 3 rules that refer to the player's equipment/character preceding the run:
- You must use completely new characters only. (Lv. 1 - 0xp).
- Items you equip must come from your current run.
- Ancient Powers not allowed.

What the rules don't specify, therefore is allowed, is the following:
1. Use pets no matter their level and abilities.
2. Use shards no matter their origin or upgrade level (including gilded shards and hyper shards).
3. Upgrade the items dropped in the run to any level, including Chaos 7, making the run no different from Campaign+ mode.
4. Move mods from any items to ones from current run.
5. Use consumables that temporarily boost your stats, some of which are not acquirable anymore in the game - making the speedrunning competition unfair to some players.
6. Gain experience faster with the EXP boost that comes with Ancient Powers, thus having higher stats and killing the enemies faster. (well, nothing can be done about this, as players cannot disable their EXP boosts; worth mentioning though).

For example what I could do is equip a sword from the very first map, upgrade it to legendary Chaos 7 and give it a Seismic Launch Chip, which adds at least 3.7M damage to Seismic Slam ability.

My comments/suggestions:
0. (fixes most issues) Deny the use of any belongings not coming from the current run, specifying that "belongings" refers to anything that occupies a slot in the inventory.
1. The problem here is that some pets and their unique abilities can only be obtained with real money (they don't change the normal gameplay much, but may affect the speedrun). There are also some from beta, impossible to obtain for some players, making the competition unfair. It's best to ban any pets from the runs (you get your first pets close to the end of campaign anyways).
2. Either disallow any shards not obtained in the current run or allow only campaign-level shards (personally, I prefer the latter). The same problem as with the pets applies here, there are shards that cannot be dropped in the game right now, but some people have them from the beta. They're marked as Chaos 8 shards, so allowing only Campaign-level shards fixes this issue.
3. Deny the act of upgrading, evolving or advancing gear.
4. Disallow tinkering.
5. Deny the one-time-use consumables.
6. Beg Trendy to add an option to disable EXP boost from Ancient Powers.

Have a nice day ^^
~ RandomPersson

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