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Since the new update a lot of changes has been needed to make the leaderboards fit the current game.

So let me start by saying the rules have been changed. I'm glad to see LeftForNova have addressed this issue by changing the rules to allow the tutorial character change on the first map. However RandomPersson discovered that playing on Hard removes the tutorial. I have therefor changed the rules by letting the person who is doing the speedrun freely choose whatever difficulty he or she wants to play. This also goes for the individual leaderboard. Difficulty is no longer required to be set to normal. Hard is now allowed as well. As well as doing the maps on any difficulty, what this means is each map can now be done on any chaos tier as well. And still be submitted to individual level leaderboard. However Insursions maps now have their own individual level leaderboard.

Another rule change is that the timer now starts the first time you press ready. You are no longer allowed to build and then start the timer. This is something I've been getting messaged a lot about. People want the building to be a part of the speedrun as well. Not just build and then AFK. Therefor this have been done to both make the runs fit more to the campaign, as well as making the speedrun itself, award the person with not only the best defenses but with the best strategy and fastest building skills. Also a bit to prevent the AFK builds. This rule change should make the runs more interesting for everyone and give everyone a better chance at getting that sweet WR.

This change sadly also affect some people. This is why some of the runs will sadly have to be removed. This is something that have been discussed and this feels like the best option to make everyone happy. Again I feel sorry about your run(s) but I hope you will all in the future set even better records. And remember! Dungeon Defenders 2 is still in development, this means even though you get a good time, a game update could potentially make your run un-beatable (invalid).

I will however add that currently it's only the on the individual level leaderboard times have been affected by this remove.

The full-game Leaderboard also now have two new type of runs. The first one being Defenses Only and as you may have guessed from the name. You are only allowed to use defenses to win the campaign. The second one is named Heroes Only and as you may again already have guessed it's no defenses allowed for the entire campaign. This one should be a lot harder than the other one which is also why this one features 1-4 players option.

I have a few good news for the DD2 speedrun community. Me and a friend is currently working on a DD2 autosplitter which should remove both load time and split between each level. Can't really say anything else yet cause it's still in the works.

//RepTituz (SuperMod)

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I ended up re-timing all of your times instead of removing them. I rejected(removed) all the obsolete runs. But all of your best times I ended up re-timing so they now fit the update and rules. This took a lot of time and effort so I hope you enjoy not losing all of your runs.


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hey can i speak with you i just did a run and the game has changed and i need to know abt including load time and cutscenes in game such as the new one on throne room