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The following changes have been made to the leaderboard:

Nintendont runs are being rejected on the grounds of being emulation and unofficial hardware. Nintendont runs faster than any official hardware noted to date, including the Backwards Compatible PS3, which is the fastest official hardware by a landslide. It creates unfair competition and leaderboard organization issues.

If there is a major pushback to this decision, the mods and I are open to considering moving Nintendont runs to the "Emulator" section of the leadearboards with the rest of the unofficial hardware. However, Nintendont will likely not be able to compete with PC emulators.

The Category tabs have been changed.

The new main category tabs will be
Original - Original release on PS2/Gamecube
HD - HD Release on Xbox 360/PS3

Each category will have runs separated by console for both the Original and HD versions to maintain fair competition, due to console load times varying wildly between platforms.

Backwards compatible consoles are allowed, but will be separated by console as well due to having major advantages from faster loading times. The exception to this rule will be the Wii due to its better accessibility and smaller advantage from load times over GCN.

Misc. Categories will remain merged and largely unchanged for HD, due to the fact that loads are competitive and nearly identical between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for these categories.

Currently, I am not making a BCPS3 category for Misc. until there is more interest. BCPS3 runs will not be accepted under "PS2" in misc.

Feel free to post or reach out to us moderators if you have any questions/concerns. Thank you!

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Hi Glitchedd, just wanted to let you know that both my obsolete GCN runs were done on Nintendont too, and need to be rejected.
I also made the VOD from this WT run available again, as it was a victim of YouTube's mass privatization of unlisted videos.

Thank you for everything that you're doing!

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Hey Ciccio! I went ahead and took care of it, and was able to verify your HD WT run. Thanks a ton for letting us know and resubmitting.

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