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What tactics are there to get a faster run because I’ve played the game casually several times but I don’t think what I’m doing is the fastest.


We don't really have movement tech developed, but in some cases it's fastest to slam a paintbot/object. Not always though.


Also would I be able to do a run on my 3ds since I don’t have my ds anymore and I don’t see anything about 3ds’s in the rules?


@MoisturemanMoistureman join the Discord server for the game, you'll get a faster response there.
two answers:
1: If you look closely 3ds is allowed for submissions (its a platform listed under the release year) so yes you would be allowed
2: the most broken thing in this game is walljumps, thats pretty much it. everything else is just harder jumps or platforming skips, nothing too gamebreaking.