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It's not always easy to record a video of a run when played on the actual arcade hardware when compared to the comfort of your own home. So here are the ground rules for when submitting a run:

The only accepted emulator is Supermodel SVN 779 (or newer)!
This is due to a recent change in emulation which affects timing, changing how supermodel times frames. More information can be read on the supermodel website.

- A video is required.
Simple as that, however, this requirement differs depending on how it run was played. If you played on the Supermodel in your home, you MUST submit a video of the full run, starting from the Boot-up screen of the emulator itself (just the track is no longer allowed!) screen.

If you playing the true arcade, your video should ideally start before your start naming your score entry. The video needs to show your surroundings (that this is indeed an Arcade Machine, perhaps show that there are others lined up for the network play etc.). Recording may stop after your name is displayed with your time and all options before the going back to the menu.

If you have submitted runs in the past, I may choose to allow submissions with no video proof to be accepted if you've convinced me prior that the score entry name you choose is actually the name you normally use (I always use 'VAR' everywhere)

I might have more information here in the future, or if you disagree with what I've lined out here, feel free to reply!



Recently updated the leaderboards and reposted my time (along with an additional one I had previously missed). Everything should be more clean and "find-friendly" now and I've merged the two game versions together. After playing both of them nearly side-by-side for 3 hours each today, I'm going to conclude there is no differences between the two versions except for extra content or settings.


There is a difference in the advanced stage. The turn at the alien spacecraft has been trimmed in Power edition as it's basically a much harder 90 degree left turn in BOTE. Not sure if that would majorly impact times as such but worth noting anyway.

Oh, and if any one here plays Outrun 2SP, come join us at the new Outrun 2SP board. I could use the numbers as I had to petition pretty hard to get the game there (Outrun 2006 is set up arseways). Allowing Teknoparrot submissions too:

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I agree with noobsaibot


I was apparently never made aware of the fact that there had been activity here, so apologize for the lack of an answer.

I think the overall activity, and community, is quite low that seperation of the games for the Advanced stage is not necessary, but I do hear what you're saying.

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