Switching to in game time
3 years ago

Hello everybody,

This stems from a discussion present on the speedy adventures discord, that notes how different the load times can be from runner to runner.

What I propose is that we add a field (and ranking) based on in game time, to level the (hardware) playing field.

I have a script created that works with DoTTR GoG/Steam (I need a windows store version to test with) that enables tracking of time in livesplit.

This method is now used in Monkey Island 2 Special edition.

For those interested, you can find the script here (current version:

And here (development version with some save/load support and better handling of the menu):



You can check out my bad run as to how it works.

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hello, yes my goal is to change the leaderboard to add in-game time as well, i'll set them up soon


Do I as a submitter have to do sth. to the "old" footage / submission...? Will the list afterwards be sorted by in game time by default? Thanks in advance, AlphaPiAlpha


Retiming old runs would be painful so I'll just fill in the IGT section with the RTA times but if you do another run then you can submit with the new rules. It is currently in-progress to be updated as I wanna make sure to apply the ruleset to all platforms if possible. Currently still the board is RTA sorted and I'll update to IGT once these things are solved, thanks for the patience.

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Comparision is now determined from the IGT, your RTA time is optional. I added RTA to IGT on the previous runs to avoid blank spots. If you can't determine your IGT, submit both of your times with your RTA time.

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