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Not sure if anyone is active around here but I'm thinking about running this game and had a couple of questions. Is the route used in the WR "perfect" or should I start from scratch and see if I can figure out another one? Also, are all the steps in the WR required or could there be some further optimisation by skipping any of the parts? I guess this boils down to how much time has been put into this game? I see there are a few runners so I'm guessing the WR is pretty optimised. The other point and click games I've run have had little to no other runners so it would be good to pick up a game that I can discuss with people.

Edit: I guess I should also ask are there any tips or tricks you could give me in regards to actually playing the game? Any keyboard/mouse shortcuts, ways to quickly skip dialogue or cut scenes, etc.


I do not personally run DOTT, but I do run Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis which is the same SCUMM engine version. We've come across a number of glitches that we're theorizing may work with DOTT and may work as considerable skips. I aim to learn the current route and work with the FoA community to see if we can make the glitches work in DOTT.

For your edit question: there are hotkeys for the verbs and you can use period to skip dialog and ESC or click both LMB and RMB on the mouse to skip cutscenes. A technique we use for FoA, since it is very dialog heavy, is to hold down period and use the mouse to select dialog; when played on ScummVM you cannot input two keyboard strokes at the same time.
The hotkeys for the verbs are as follows: G for give, P for Pick-Up, U for Use, O for Open, L for Look-at, S for Push, C for Close, T for Talk-to, and Y for Pull.

Hope this helps in any way.

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there is a glitch guide for the run made by Mud. I recommend watching it even though these strats don't save much time. Also the WR run is pretty much optimized. You can try to find a better route but a bunch of time was invested in it over the years so it's pretty solid. I made a text guide for the remastered version, it's slightly different from the current WR route but I'd say 90% of it is still the same. So you can check this out as well.


hey i am just trying for my self not for WR
but thx for the hint to the vid
actually i have some fails anytime but it is getting better. Maybe some training runs more and i could
figure out the 20 min. (supplement: my route is not good enough i think ;D )
for me that would be awesome.

my question is: some dialogs it feels like the game does not accept the period for breaking. but in the videos i watched same dialogs are skipped way faster. is it a scummvm problem or am i doing something wrong? (i mean it is pressing a "." how much could i make wrong?)

i like to see anybody running this games, and i think even when not WR it is fun to have the challange with people with times around the own time.



you can actually hold the period button and it buffers the inputs so you can skip dialogues almost instantly. try that.

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