101% Requirements

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- Visiting all 22 levels: 44% (2 per new level, see below);
- Collecting all 1001 orbs: 24% (1 every 41-42 orbs);
- Collecting all 609 gems: 12% (1 every 50-51 gems);
- Getting all 18 dream mode medals: 18% (1 per medal);
- Triggering the final cutscene: 3%.

Levels count as visited once you hit a certain trigger:
- Westside Hotel: Osmo’s dialogue at the hotel door;
- Construction Site 1: door right before the elevator at the start;
- Breezy Valley: portal;
- Brewery: in the staircase, slightly past where you spawn after Taryn’s cutscene;
- Transit System: outside door;
- Train Chase: door before the zoomer;
- Hive Queen 1: in the small tunnel after you leave the zoomer;
- Strip Mine 1: portal;
- Jak Chase: the cutscene trigger when exiting the shop (/!\ it is possible to trigger Osmo's hotel dialogue at the same time, causing the chase to start without awarding you 2%);
- Tanker 1: where you spawn;
- City Port: tanker exit;
- Distillery: near the elevator at the top;
- Fish Cannery: small tunnel at the start of the conveyor belt;
- Emerald Forest: hut door;
- Construction Site 2: big door that you can clip over;
- Lumber Mill: portal;
- Strip Mine 2: door right before the first elevator leading to the hive queen (or entering through the portal twice?);
- Hive Queen 2: door after the last set of breakable walls (stay until the end of Osmo’s voice line or it won’t count);
- Tanker 2: door right before the elevator;
- Palace: where you spawn;
- Prison: door into the portal room;
- Final Boss: slightly past the locked door.

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