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Thewizard1247 brings up the point that screenshot of best time should not be allowed as proof because some levels are glitchy (e.g. 8 track) and screenshots can be easily bodged.

I originally allowed screenshots in the rules as I know a lot of people do not always record their gameplay and I wanted the lb to be as inclusive as possible, but I did not know about the glitches at that point. I'm happy to put it to the vote. Anyone NOT want video of run to be mandatory?


It is a reasonable rule as said because of possible glitches and how easy screenshots are easy to fake these days so I am in favour of it

The individual levels are short and if you are dedicated to try and get a good time on these levels I don't see why you can't head to the Apple/Play store and install a screen recorder which takes two minutes


Btw I found the glitch on 8-Track first and my pb is 31.2xx so xD
Maybe should only keep video of run to validate it and no screenshots..


Rules changed 🙂

As suggested, I have made it clear that on 8-track times with the glitch will not be accepted.