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Quo, you're hired.

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Quo,I agree, I honestly didn't expect to get in and didn't want to say things that weren't true about my runs, so I said that my times arent the best, which my MWR time is I think 7th, but that is last place, so I didn't think that would get in, and as for MvM, I just submitted it for laughs, I knew for a fact it would get rejected almost instantly, but I thought that maybe that .01% chance that I could get in would happen, but oh well.


yeah, but like quo said. Say positive things about your run, and not negative. For one, saying negative things makes you sound like you don't even think your game deserves to be in, and if that's the case, why submit at all. Secondly, not saying something that is a fact is not the same thing as lying. If I said in my submission that I have WR (which I don't), that would be lying. That does not mean I am going to make a point saying that I do not have WR though. Anyways Sheppard, Don't fret! I've been in multiple marathons, and have also been denied from multiple marathons. My advice is take all the advice you can get, get better at the game (not saying you are bad, just saying no one run in any videogame is perfect), work on your speech, and get in a marathon next time!