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This is a marathon set up by the Brothers twitch team to enjoy good speedgames and have a good time.

June 2nd-7th.

Don't forget to join our discord. Link is beneath the logo on the left

Other important dates?
Signups: April 2nd until May 2nd
Schedule: May 18th
Cuts: Somewhere in between! FrankerZ

Who is allowed?
Everyone with a cool speedgame

Some more to tell me?
Tell your friends, we're going to make it a good time!

More questions?
Feel free to post here. We like giving answers.

I am a streamer and want to support the event
Feel free to use this banner:

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So, do I have to be somewhere to play my game, or do I just submit a video for you guys to play on stream?


In online marathons, it's customary to play live rather than submitting a video for us to play. And that's what we want too.

As for the where, wherever it suits you. I recommend your home setup. Don't forget to join the discord server 🙂.

If you're unsure what this marathon stuff is all about, feel free to hit us up in Discord, or check out our YouTube for runs that we've done in the past:


what if you are not a wr holder in the game but you want to show your skills? for instance, i want to do mario kart 8 150cc no items but i suck at useing fire hops, so my time is lower down.


I submitted my best runs to you guys last time and you rejected them all (while allowing other runners 3 or 4 runs). Is there any reason I should submit this time?


Originally posted by emeraldalyI submitted my best runs to you guys last time and you rejected them all (while allowing other runners 3 or 4 runs). Is there any reason I should submit this time?

Runs that we accept aren't determined by who submit them. We had around 5 people last time who looked through every single one and we voted on which ones we thought should be in. After that, we went through them again while in a call and Yes/No-ed what we had left to try and cut down the amount of hours to fit the time slot.

What I try to do after everything is just have the best of the stuff submitted in the marathon. It's not a personal thing, and it shouldn't be taken as such.

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What is the best way to apply? Do you have a forum/Google doc to apply with?


On the left side of the forums here, you see a thing called "Submit Run". We should've mentioned that sooner 😛


I saw the "View Submitted Runs", and for some reason thought that it had two tabs (should've been thinking a bit more before I asked, lol. My bad). 😛


If there's a game that hasn't been seen on the viewer submitted runs previously and you guys think it has potential to be a good speed game would that somehow be put in with the rest of the games that fit for that time slot? I actually just submitted a new game I been running that hasn't been on this website yet and I think it has potential to be ran by many players especially since it doesn't really take more than 40 minutes to beat the game itself unless you get unlucky which can happen rarely but about every time it should be just about 40 minutes or less in the gap just for the run itself.


@Sheppard Any run is fine. We do like that you submit a video to get an impression of the run itself.


If a run is submitted and accepted, how do we stream it to you (in our time slots)?


We will give you a stream key and URL to stream to a website called (similar to Twitch). We acquire that stream and will restream it to our channel. If that sounds complex, we will help you along the way. We have a guide... somewhere that we'll link to runners after the schedule goes live.

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what if your computer cant handle a livestream on its own.


Originally posted by SheppardKillerwhat if your computer cant handle a livestream on its own.

Then I guess you can't stream?


what if I stream right from my console to twitch? can I not submit something then?


If a run gets accepted into the marathon does the runner have to provide commentary?


You guys gonna sell that shirt again?


Hey Friends...

@DarQ_Massacres We work with Beam mostly. If you want to do the PS4 direct stream thingyjiggy, we have to find out how to do the stuff. However, we can make it work if you really have no other option.

@endeavorgaming Yeah, we do require runners to do commentary on the runs. Because looking at just gameplay tends to get boring fast without knowing what is happening.

@Squaky: Not sure, ask Milk. 😮