How can I unlock achievements offline on the PC version?
6 months ago

I want to run All Achivements, but I can unlock achivements offline.

He/Him, They/Them
6 months ago

I think you're using Steam Offline, you should be turning the game to offline mode to run, that's probably where your mistake lies

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@ikomiki you need to use your steam online and your game offline, to do this you can follow this steps:

1 - backup you DS2 savefile in %appdata% and delete it

2- put your steam online and verify/update your DS2, lauch DS2

3- when your game load press DECLINE at the tems of service

4- Make a backup of this save, this will be your Steam online Game offline save file

If you need any help, send me a dm on discord

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Thank you!

As Volgher said, I used steam offline.

I was successful after I followed the steps.

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