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I'm starting to speed run and need tips/help on how to speedrun Dark Souls 1.

I have never played the game before and need some starter tips on how I'm suppose to play the game before i start playing so I don't pick up bad habbits.

My first question is what is best to use?
Controller or Keyboard+mouse?

It says it has controller support, but I cant make it work, so is there something I have to do to make it work?


Controller is absolutely recommended. As for getting it to work i'm not sure as mine worked from the get go. Make sure you have the correct driver for the controller so it works correctly with your PC.

As for actually playing the game, you should focus on enjoying the game casually first before looking to speedrun it. You may find after actually playing the game that you don't like it. Playing is very different from watching an experiences runner making everything look easy. Just have fun and enjoy learning everything about the game, it is really fun the first time round


Hey, just like Ben said, Controller is definitally recommended. And for your first playthrough I would recommend you having an aggresive playstyle. Focus more on dodging and counter attacking rather than blocking. That way you can already start learning some enemy (especially boss) patterns. Other than that, just enjoy the game. If you have questions about the speedruns, feel free to visit the speedsouls discord server.


I had to beat the game at least 12 times before i wanted to speedrun it but im not saying beat it 12 times id say about 3 to 5 times watch the bosses get some strats and get a feel for the movement and combat look at what the stats do look at routes.
Good Luck in the future ❤️.


Joining the speedsouls discord is your best bet... Plenty of resources and passionate people to help you


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I got notified of this post and it actually made me aware of the speedsouls discord, so this necro was actually useful

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