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Hey fellow runners!

As it is basically tradition, our dear friend Tricrow found a new glitch - that will basically change/shorten ALL our categories.

Update (Jan 13th): The overhaul of the categories/leaderboards is done and live.

Update (Jan 10th): I've tried to compile the information that has been found so far for this glitch below. I'll do a video tutorial on it in the next couple of days as well.
For now, when you submit a run that uses this glitch, check that the "Multi Client" flag is set to YES when submitting.
Since our leaderboards are pretty cluttered with all the categories, we might give the whole thing an overhaul in the next days, so we can have a seperate board for the runs using this glitch - since its so game breaking.

Also big shoutout to Unlocked, who found the experience duplication, as well as the consistent setups!!

What does it do?

It enables us to duplicate items, heirlooms, trinkets and hero experience and progress areas much faster than before.

How does it work?

First, it's important to note, that we need 2 instances of Darkest Dungeon at the same time, which can only be achieved via launching the game in the nosteam version, which is usually located somewhere around xxxx\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\_windowsnosteam\ on your hard drive.

the setup then is as follows:

1) In game #1 you start the and complete the mission you want to duplicate the rewards from, but don't return to the hamlet in the end, stay in the mission.
2) boot up game #2 and load into the same save file.
3) complete mission in game #2.
4) back in the hamlet, do anything you like - if anything at all (town/hero upgrades, sell/buy trinkets, hire new heroes...)
5) switch back to game #1 and exit and enter a room to trigger a re-save
6) switch back to game #2, open the trinket inventory and click "Unequip All Trinkets", confirm the dialog that might pop up
7) close the trinket inventory and exit to the main menu without doing anything else (hit ESC, then Exit to Menu)
- if you by accident click embark or open any other window, go back to step 2) and repeat everything from there.
- load your save file in game #2.

you'll end up in the duplicated mission (from game #1) again, you can complete it immediately again, but we keep everything we had in the hamlet, as well as the experience on the heroes.

- repeat from step 2) as many times as you want/need.

Here is a video of the glitch in action:

Since we don't know for sure how it exactly works, we can only guess - but our best guess so far is this:

The game saves different parts of the game at different times and they are split roughly in the following three parts
- the hamlet
- the "raid" (as in the dungeon you are currently in)
- the roster

by triggering a resave in game client #1, you update the current location back to the mission you are in, but it doesn't save the hamlet or roster.
unequipping all trinkets saves the hamlet and the roster, but not the active mission.

Additional Notes:

- If you have booted up your 2nd game client before you had game #1 prepared (completed the mission you want to tsplit on), you can trigger an update of the save file list when you hit ESC in the main menu and click "Watch Intro Cinematic".
You can skip the cinematic immediately, and the save file will have updated and should show the correct area you are in.
After that, you will only need to do this again if you start tsplitting again after continuing the run (for example in Any%).

- you can also switch out the "active" heroes of the mission while in the hamlet.
This will result in the newly switched in heroes getting the expierience and not the actual heroes that are on the mission. So you can level heroes on your roster without them actually being in the mission. (thx Unlocked for this find as well)


I don't like the nature of glitch/ way it works with two games open at the same time but this will be a BREEZE for longer exhausting categories like any% at:
-heirloom farming and
-expediting boss missions then scardycats in order to get proper trinkets.


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Got a fast and (from what I can tell) entirely consistent setup which doesn't require the intro cinematic:

The idea is this:
The point of the intro cinematic is to update the save file list (replace the hamlet save file with the dungeon save file). However, other things can trigger that as well, such as exiting to the main menu or starting up the game. Darkest Dungeon doesn't actually save on exit to main menu and it also doesn't save on loading the hamlet, so you can trigger a re-save (e.g. by exiting and entering a room) while you're waiting for the hamlet to load, and then exit to the main menu and immediately enter the dungeon save without needing to refresh the save file list with an intro cinematic.

Note that because you can perform all of the dungeon movement during loading, having more than two Darkest Dungeon instances open at once doesn't matter, since you'll still be throttled by the instance that you're duping on. This note does not necessarily apply to farmstead dupes, if it's determined that those are worth going for.

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