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So over the past few days I've been looking into the Awakening Expansion as a run a little bit. I've been looking at new game (creating a new warden, not importing one). It mostly looks uninteresting: there will probably be a few small skips you can do by zooming out and standing on top of stuff and getting teleported, but none of the other ways of getting OOB work. Attribute glitch also doesn't work (since you have to play on 1.03 or later), so you have to make due with whatever stats you are given at the start plus probably buying some gear. I'll probably edit this more once I have a full route worked out and I'll maybe do a run or two, but mostly looks like it'll be boring.

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Pennsylvania, USA

here's what i have

rough sketch of route/tutorial. I showed off the skips I found plus mention some ideas for other potential skips. Also, I didn't do the save amaranthine branch of that vs. vigil's keep, but it probably is faster to do that way with how slow saving vigil's keep feels.

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