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Is Indrek cheating? He is getting so many WRs! SC WR, then HC WR(he got it on Friday! but it's not up yet :D). HE is one heck of a runner. Estonia creates fine human beings.

And he even has WR on players x(which is basically cheating, because you can open chests on p8 and quickly switch back to p1. This was clearly not intended by Blizzard). But wow, he holds all the records. How DOES he do it?


He's just grinding the game a lot, trying to improve and get records every day, props to him.


those new wrs go up real fast when the big boys get records XD


most recent development with regards to sorc (and potentially other classes too - I definitely utilized it in my recent Barbarian record run) is leveling in act 2 Far Oasis with beetle bosses to at least 18 to take advantage of Teleport earlier. Definitely requires RNG to be in your favor (decent waypoint in Far Oasis close to Beetleburst and ideally more boss groups present, Especially Champion beetle packs)