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- it's not cheating

- it's part of the game

- you have runners in the community that are passionate about doing this run. like, they've been doing it for years.

- you have viewers in the community that are passionate about watching this run.

- it doesn't devalue any% runs; ON THE CONTRARY, I would argue it's going to challenge someone's insecurities about who's really the best at this game

- make this game for the community, not the top 2%

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I support this as a speedrun viewer.

Players X has been proven to be BY FAR the fastest way to speedrun this game.

"Any%" should either include ANY possible in-game difficulty settings or be renamed to "p1 any%" or just "p1".

If pX and p1 can't both be in the "any%" category then just add "pX any%" tabs and rename "any%" to "p1 any%". That's all that needs to be done. Any% isn't any% if it does not include ANY way to beat the game.

No one is devaluing runs or asking for 168 categories. No one is asking for an official p8 category or 100% category or any other category to be added so don't tell me you will have to add 168 categories or some other nonsense. Either add a pX category or include it in "Any%". Until the FASTEST speedruns of Diablo 2 are included on this website it will simply be a joke.

Just add one.
The FASTEST way to SPEEDrun Diablo 2.

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To be completely honest, px feels like the true any% and p1 feels like a miscellaneous challenge category. px isn't a hack or a mod, it's a feature built into the single player game.

By not using px, you are artificially limiting the speed of the single player run which is why it feels like p1 is a challenge category and not the true any%.

Not to mention it should be a lot easier to moderate a px leaderboard over a p1 or p8 since usage of the players command isn't something a mod needs to worry about looking for.

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As somebody who has very little objection to the official inclusion of pX/p8 as categories, I also have very little interest in running either of them and would feel kind of betrayed if p1 was in any way bumped down to the status of a lesser category. Making them equal as subcategories is the most fair and logical move in my opinion. Anything to help include more runners both old and new without diminishing what's already there is a great idea. ❤️

Edit: I also would like to add that the fastest "true any%" category isn't always the primary one for a game.

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This game is NOT for the top 2%. If anything I've always been trying to make this speedrun.com-subpage as good as possible for the top 98% - the people who play the most popular categories.

I've made some bad experiences with simply adding requested categories in the past:
Last year there was that "pacifist" discussion and after there were quite a few people expressing the need for such a category in the forums, on discord and in a few twitch chats - More than a year later there's 2 runners in the category and no activity in over a year.
We've had /px and /p8 categories back from ~2013 to ~2015 and there was a total of one run (one that was submitted as any% run by someone who did not know the rules) .
Granted the Diablo2-Speedrunning Community has grown a lot since then, so I guess it's time to give it another try...

@Teo- and I have been discussing how the addition of new categories would make the most sense for a while now and since the speedrun.com-site has evolved a lot since the last big change in the Diablo 2-section - the split between SC and HC in seperate categories, not only variables.
This involves a few changes that make future miscellaneous-categories more viewable (Something like Pacifist does not need gamemode, class and /players-setting-subcategories, variables are enaugh for that. Also something like Multiplayer runs would require different, separate variables)

The changes we've come up with also allow us to add more serious main-categories (something like 100% Normal, 100% as requested previously) if there is still demand for them.

Please note that these changes are a lot of work and require every run to be edited by us in order to move them to the new categories and set the new variables.

What you're seeing now is a work in progress and may look different in the end.

Thanks to @Teo- and @fuzziboy who are currently investing a lot of their time to get the majority of the work done quickly.

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Big shoutouts for reconstructing the whole leaderboard! Not a simple task, I imagine. My respects to you. ❤️

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