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Is it enough that I record my games through OBS Studio?
Like I dont have to stream?
Do I have to use a split?

I actually already asked a few speedrunning streamers, one was a WR holder.. And they said recording was enough. - since that is the actual proof. That was my thoughts aswell.
But I want to be 100% sure before I go break all your records. LOL.

Thank you.


Recordings are enough - as long as it stays 1 sitting for the recording

Splits are highly apreaciated even though it is possible to time it without...
Highly suggest you get livesplit still.


Okay thanks. And sure I'll record with the livesplit.
I personally just think there is too much RNG in this game to use a split. I could get a great act 1, and the worst act 3 ever seen. Or easiest normal in my life, and worst hell ever seen. So I just play and when, if ever, I get a time/recording I want you to see.. Its a top 5 at least and.. Well its some skill but also luck, the livesplit did nothing. Anyways I'll use it because you say its highly apeaciated.

Now is the question..
Which record should I break first? One of yours Teo? LUL
Or... Any% Hell HC Player 8 Barb to make sure I get a WR? LOL

I'll be back after a few thousand practice runs with a world record!

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You can set it up as one split. Start when you start and stop when you kill Baal in whatever difficulty you are trying to do.

The mods don’t care about individual splits so much.

You don’t have to stream but if you’re unheard of and start pumping out world records it will look highly suspicious to everyone. I feel like it’s important to submit a run no matter how good or bad it is. after that, submit significant pbs. Not only is it good for your reputation, it’s also nice to be able to go back and see the history of your runs and have a clear record of what you have done.

Live streaming attempts is unnecessary but it’s a lot of fun. You will meet a lot of cool people and often times people will come in and help you out.

Edit: also, streaming keeps it interesting. It starts to become difficult when you’re grinding games for hours and hours with nothing else to do. I couldn’t have pushed some games down as far as I did without streaming them. I’d lose my mind.


I will make the splits at the act bosses.
"if you’re unheard of and start pumping out world records it will look highly suspicious to everyone"..
Yes I understand that. But that won't happen. And you can look all you want at my recordings, if any, I play legit. I don't even have the extra stats twitch provides. But again, it won't happen. At least not in the near future, I just started this.
I played diablo on/off all my life.. I did some hardcore races with/versus my younger brother, but our end times(when we survived) was not even close to some of these records. And ofcourse I played online, looong time ago. I never tried speedrunning like you guys do. So I will need some practice runs. - and you won't see those shitty runs.
So, pumping out world records will not happen. I mean there is a chance I never break a record - thats fine aswell.
As for streaming.. I do enjoy watching a good streamer now and then, but I personally would never stream.


Greeting all, I'm new and have a similar and related question:

If recordings are enough how do I submit them?
I tried searching for a post or guide on what the submission is looking for but I couldn't find it. Just the submission form which only asks for a link and since I don't have them online anywhere I don't know if I can link to it.

Sorry I'm not super tech savvy and just getting back into Diablo 2 again after a long hiatus and enjoy the speed running and self improvement style of it in Diablo 2. I can learn more just need the information to do so.

Maybe one day I'll near records but for now I'll enjoy doing the best I can and self improvement. Help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Upload it to YouTube would be one easy way. There is also a way to upload videos to your twitch channel I believe.


Thanks, that was my assumption but I wanted to check if there was another option. Time to create the channel then.

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