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I have been toying with ideas that means runners can listen to their own music without issues of their vods being banned or muted.
I downloaded an app called EarTrumpet and it lets you split your audio outputs so you can have music coming from your monitor instead of your headset.
On OBS you can set your audio recording to just one of these outputs so it wont capture the music but still capture the game sounds.

I feel this is a simple and sensible solution to the music issue that I have had, I don't know about anyone else.

I hope this makes sense, if people are interested in how to implement it feel free to ask me on discord.


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The microsoft store for the program if anyone wanted to check it out.
Also thought I would put it here to make sure the mods were ok with it being used. It doesn't affect game play in any way.


You can without any 3th party program change output devices for programs on Windows.

Settings -> Sound -> App Volume and device preferences

If your program do not show up on the list, make it output some sound and it should pop right up.

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