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hello I propose a new category which will give a new way of playing the "hook%" would be a category where the time is less important it would be necessary to make the levels with a minimum number of grapple throws and we will note the number of hooks used in the milliseconds


or add 10 seconds to each grab which forces you to calculate which is more profitable between running and taking a penalty


It is a good idea, but the game is still being updated and this is a potential feature that might be added, will probably have to discuss the possibilities there.


I think maybe the closest thing I've seen to this in speedrunning is the idea of a low% run. Where you have to pick up the fewest items possible to beat the game. But the way it usually works with that is that everybody already knows the lowest possible number you can achieve, so the leaderboard just keeps track of how fast people are able to beat the game with the requirement that everyone is using that same minimal number of items. It would be harder to do that in a case where you don't know yet how many grapples are needed, and different runs will have different numbers of grapples depending on how good the player is.
Not sure if has support for some kind of bi-lateral leaderboard that ranks people by both time and number of grapples. For that kind of thing there'd probably need to be an in-game leaderboard that does it.


Do you want me to work this to define the number of grappling hooks in each level?