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First off I want to say how awesome it is to see new runners on the board, lets keep those times coming!

Secondly I wanted to make a small, but significant change to the rules on how it is timed. The rules state to have the timer start upon choosing the category. I looked over several speedrunning boards for various fighting games and noticed most timers start after they choose their fighters. I feel this could be a positive change for it would encourage people exploring other fighters without the fear of time loss.

I want to be as fair as possible to all runners so if you would like me to go over your run and reduce your times based on the new rules I will do so. I only ask if you could reply in this thread post, or send me a message through the platforms I have posted on my page giving me permission to do so.

Also if you would have any suggestions on future boards for this game I would like to get your input on that. I plan on adding new categories based on the default settings for the game for each category including traditional 3 round rules for single match.


I find it very valid or time this way
It starts after choosing the fighter

About new category

Maybe the level very hard would be interesting


Another thing

You as a supermodel can change user times
based on the new rule.

Detail I just beat the ratio mode time again
based on this new rule

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Very hard sounds like a great category, I will add it alongside the default category when I get a chance to set it up. Thanks for the input, and congrats on the new PB / WR

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It would indeed be more fair to those who'd like to use characters other than shotos. So yeah, sure! Go ahead with that change!

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So I've implemented the new sub categories based on the difficulty. I would of like to have the game setting rules mentioned above the game mode rules, but I would of have to turn the game mode into the sub category and I don't know what the outcome would of been. I wanted to preserve the runs you guys have submitted so that was the safest way of doing so.

The oddball of the difficulty sub category would be hard, I had suggested 6 stars being the best for that. If you guys feel differently about that please let me know. I felt that 3 being the Normal (default) and 8 being the max (very hard) that 6 would be a good setting for hard.

I also mentioned in those new sub categories to have your game options screen presented in your submissions, I know it's been a common practice for some already. That'll make it a lot easier for accepting runs.

If you spot any mistakes in the rules or have a suggestion regarding changes to these rules please let me know.

Thank you all and keep those times coming, I look forward to seeing some new runs and hopefully some new runners.


Any plans creating a Boss Rush category? I think it would be interesting (mostly because you dont have to receive 6 1st attacks from the CPU to skip the extra fight)...

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Yeah, I think we can work that in as a category. I'll set something up when I get a chance later on in the weekend.

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