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CubeCraft Games Forum  /  RIP speedrunning eggwars

Since the new uptade they made the shop mest up: they made the blocks more expensive which slows the time down alot( especially when im used to 6 iron rush) they added this favourites tab which im not a fan of though it can help with speedruns.

Good luck everyone with new times....

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Especially Golf. Wr is basically impossible now if it wasn't so already. Maybe if the community wants, we could move the golf runs to a legacy cat and make a whole new cat so that way only times with the new runs show. Lmk what you think. 🙂

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This is proof Survival Games is just better

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Me who mastered bridges :-

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Nvm lol I got a 48 sec run on duo any%. This update is epic!!!!!*$€&#&$&