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CubeCraft Games Forum  /  (Denied) petion for skyblock category to exist (Locked)

if u want to help with making the rules then u can make
1.any% for all islands
2.perfect% for no deaths
3.1% for the first island
4.2% for second island
5.3% for the three island
and u can add more


1. way too slow. takes weeks if not months.
2. ^
3. ??? elaborate
4. ^
5. ^


@lea8uelea8ue exactly what I was gonna say 🙂
unless someone is willing to record and play for over a few weeks straight without stopping then we wouldn't be able to really have this category, as i am unaware of how the skyblock meta works i cannot comment on a 1% or 2 % category as i am not sure how long it takes to get to that island.


It takes about 45 mins for me

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