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So I am predominantly a Call of Duty: Ghosts speedrunner and my suggestion for a ruling change originate from the "30 Kills Challange" from there.

The current ruling for timing is
Timing starts when released from cage
Timing ends when you get the 5th kill (5th final kill if eggwars)

My suggestion is that make timing start from 1st kill and end on the 5th. A game like Survival Games have the grace period which prevents combat for the set time so the timing wouldn't be relevant for the grace period anyway.

Of course, this suggestion only originates from Call of Duty but I'm just curious to see what you think of it. Like i said it would make next to no difference anyway.


We have the timing starting from when you leave the cage because that’s basically when the game starts! If we had it from the 1st kill for only 5, a lot of the records would probably be tied at that point.


A lot of records could be tied anyway. How ever the 5 kills category is basically the 30 kills challenge from CoD. Any% and Perfect% is fair enough but was just a suggestion


with cod, the challenge is much larger and takes much more time. it's not really that hard to kill 5 people in cubecraft in contrast; you can get the kills in quick succession! Thanks for suggesting ❤️