Clock Tower PS1 Jennifer 100% Guide

By EcdycisEcdycis. Last updated

Hello, This is a text guide to doing Jennifer 100% which requires the A ending and 7 survivors. This is using the current fastest strategy and is pretty straight forward. Definitely watch a vod and follow a vod for more clarification!

Below are the steps listed per level

Barton Police Station
-Investigate Scissors, Bench and Exit Door

-Investigate Statue, Talk to Bethx2, Investigate Mask, Investigate Computer by Mask, Talk to Blond Manx2, leave through left door

-Go Right, Talk to Harrisx2, Elevator floor 1, Long interview and floor 2 elevator after

-Back to office, talk to harris, investigate statue(YES, GIVE TO RICK), Enter Therapy room next to Harris

-Talk to Kay and Edward and Prologue ends split on loading

Jennifer’s Date
-Map, go to University Research Building, Talk to Helen, go to International Hotel, talk to Kay, Go to University Staff Housing, Cheesy Date

-Walk right to university, Scissorman starts, Enter first door in University, Hide in Box. bookshelf by box for Oil Can

-Run down hallway to the door right of elevator, Investigate desk(Ladder Key), Leave room

-Go to the Stairwell, use Ladder key at the top of the staircase, climb down ladder

Intermission 1
-Gotts conversation, Go to University Research building and talk to Helen, Go to Oslo Weekly Newspaper After and talk to Nolan, CHOOSE YES

Old Man Dies(Rick’s House)
-Old man dies, Right door, upstairs, Door next to stairs, grab blanket, exit and renter room, investigate green closet for demon idol, exit room, downstairs, return to living room.

-Room on far left of living room, room on far right of hallway, Grab soap on shelf by entrance, leave back to living room.

- Room on right by couches, investigate mask in kitchen to figure out mansion location, fight, leave the room and prepare soap, go outside and soap the dog.

Intermission 2
- Go to Oslo Newspaper and chat, go to Police station and chat, Go to Hotel and Chat, University and chat

Castle Finale/Scissorman
-Harris dialogue, exit room, go to left room, hide behind coats, exit/reenter room, investigate coats(Stair Key) Leave, Go back to Library room, talk to ladder for paper, back to hallway, right door.

-Look at panel on right side of room(Moon Sun or Star REMEMBER THIS), back of chapel door, investigate gotts, stairkey on panel by coffin, go up stairs and crawl through tunnel, exit left side to foyer.

-go to immediate left door, nightstand between beds, table left of white bed(Library) leave. Downstairs bottom left door, exit right side, first door in new hallway, search bed(large book), leave. Room immediately right of it, talk to Barton, hand him note, exit leftside.

-Go to immediate right door. Go left to first door in this hall. Left door in kitchen investigate floor panel and then investigate left food shelf for hidden ladder, Talk to Bethx2 get mansion key

-Leave kitchen through other door, equip oil can, go right in hallway, use oil can on gate, use oil can on door to the right, push coffin, find mummified scissorman(Box Key), grab rope on bottom of wooden shelf and candle, rope on treasure chest, fight off bats and use rope on door, open treasure chest to find Helen, Leave room

-Go up closest stairs, go to wooden door on left, first door after that, cutscene and right door, go on ledge for chase escape. Nolan in skeleton room, leave on right side.

-go to third wooden door in new hall, door on left side, use book on top of bookshelf(geneaology), investigate scratch marks, use book on shelf. MOON SUN OR STAR(Answer was in church), go into altar room and grab dagger, back up ladder, Leave library back to the hallway, exit rightside, go to 2nd floor right door, talk to Tim in room, get matches from Tim, leave on left side back to foyer.

-Go to bottom left door on 1st floor(group of 4 again), investigate picture 3rd from left, exit room again, upstairs and far left door, first door in hallway, candle in fireplace, candle in holder, matches on candle, fireplace for mansion sketch, exit room, right exit back to foyer, 1st floor far left door, go to middle door in new hall, talk to 2nd tree right of fountain with Demon idol prepped, go into the fountain, down ladder, Place Demon idol on left altar, use dagger on Scissorman split on action.