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Is there any way we could reliably add emulator runs? I am seeing if making an external game timer to measure IGT can be created, since the game doesn't show the end time, similar to the SRTs made for RE2 and 3 speedruns. I have a bunch of people who would love to run the game, but they would need to use emulators for it. Any thoughts/opinions on it?

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Yes, I second this. I've recently started doings ruins maybe 3 or 4 days ago.
I was a bit disappointed to find no tab for emu. But was a bit more understanding with the hear-say about PS2 emu's. Either way, I don't think it'd hurt to figure out someway to regulate a emu tab. But in the meantime, It'd be nice to have somewhere with a community behind it, to post runs.


Honestly for emulator I'd say either go the route of Haunting Ground and make it a misc category where it's entirely emu v emu, or go the Silent Hill 1 route and have all emulator runs hidden by default(meaning they don't really count) Emulation on a PS2 is not accurate enough to compare. More importantly games like Haunting Ground have a reason for needing an emulator category considering it's both hard to find and expensive. Clock Tower 3 is probably the easiest in the entire series to find and is normally like $15 + a capture card being $20-$40. This entire bundle is less than Haunting Ground pricewise.

Ultimately though this is a decision that should likely come down to Speedwerd, TheMixedHerb, DrWobblebottoms, and potentially Carci if he is still active in this game.

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I agree that the mods should make the decision. Especially those with the most knowledge on ps emulation and how it affects CT3 runs. But I also think that players should have a bit of influence. In the sense that, even though these sorts of sites are built on the premise of regulations and competitive integrity. If there's enough people who wanna run it on emu, like myself. What'd be the harm in looking into giving us a tab? I've seen some DIY suggestions, all basically saying make your own source/site to post times. But I'm not quite sure it's necessary just yet.

I'm fine with there being a "misc emu" category for fun. Though it'd be nice to figure something out. I'll admit I don't have the proper insight to say whether or not a ps2 emulated run of CT3 can EVER be regulated. My plight is simply, it'd be nice for a player in my position to have a community to share runs with. Even if they're not official times.


Added an emulator category.
I know wobbles wanted to get an autotimer/splitter for emu, but it never came about.
I also know she was concerned about people speeding up the game's speed by a tiny bit when using emulator, hence why it was banned up until this point.

I personally don't mind emu, technically it should be faster then playing on a console, so separate leaderboards were made because of it.

Enjoy and have fun.

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I've started to spread the news!

Thanks Speedwerd! Big thanks to Wobbles too! =)


Oh cool! Yeah im still working on getting an autosplitter for it, I have just been so busy! Im so hype it got added though!