Any% No LSS in 2h 49m 47s by CronokirbyCronokirby - 5th place

That son of a bitch told me that I would get it within three months. I save them bundles. They're crazy. I don't think I will ever get it. They betrayed me, they didn't keep their promise, they tricked me, and I don't care anymore.

Played on Super Nintendo [USA] ᴇᴍᴜ on

Submitted by CronokirbyCronokirby on

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Name Duration Finished at
-Imps 5m 31s 214ms 5m 31s 214ms
-2roly 4m 31s 844ms 10m 03s 059ms
-Henches 3m 27s 285ms 13m 30s 344ms
Yakra 1m 48s 635ms 15m 18s 980ms
-Guard 8m 32s 571ms 23m 51s 552ms
D-tank 3m 22s 942ms 27m 14s 495ms
-Guardian skip 4m 25s 972ms 31m 40s 467ms
-Buggers 5m 27s 862ms 37m 08s 330ms
Slimes 4m 43s 038ms 41m 51s 368ms
Rick series 3m 37s 697ms 45m 29s 066ms
-Henches 4m 19s 072ms 49m 48s 138ms
Heck 2m 13s 014ms 52m 01s 153ms
Zomb 3m 10s 975ms 55m 12s 128ms
-Ogans 0m 53s 649ms 56m 05s 778ms
-Mase+Mune 2m 32s 723ms 58m 38s 501ms
Masamune 2m 21s 678ms 1h 01m 00s 180ms
-reptites 6m 07s 145ms 1h 07m 07s 325ms
-megasaur 5m 36s 869ms 1h 12m 44s 195ms
Nizbel 2m 43s 494ms 1h 15m 27s 690ms
Flea 16m 14s 216ms 1h 31m 41s 906ms
Slash 4m 54s 984ms 1h 36m 36s 891ms
-Ozzie 6m 07s 702ms 1h 42m 44s 593ms
Magus 5m 10s 645ms 1h 47m 55s 238ms
-magus rta 0m 11s 527ms 1h 48m 06s 765ms
-reptites 6m 17s 514ms 1h 54m 24s 280ms
-volcano 2 2m 44s 610ms 1h 57m 08s 890ms
Bacon Lettuce Tomato 6m 56s 201ms 2h 04m 05s 091ms
Golem 7m 13s 143ms 2h 11m 18s 234ms
-final desert fight 7m 44s 322ms 2h 19m 02s 556ms
Retinite 3m 49s 736ms 2h 22m 52s 293ms
-L tank 8m 57s 348ms 2h 31m 49s 641ms
-L guardian 0m 29s 335ms 2h 32m 18s 976ms
-L Heck 1m 14s 635ms 2h 33m 33s 612ms
-L zomb 0m 36s 489ms 2h 34m 10s 101ms
-L nizbel 2m 04s 456ms 2h 36m 14s 557ms
-ElMagus 2m 21s 217ms 2h 38m 35s 775ms
-L BLT 3m 14s 379ms 2h 41m 50s 154ms
-L gaia 2m 04s 882ms 2h 43m 55s 037ms
Big boi 2m 48s 212ms 2h 46m 43s 250ms
Lavos body 1m 21s 768ms 2h 48m 05s 018ms
Thar she blows! 1m 42s 688ms 2h 49m 47s 706ms
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