Using Bunnymod XT (Speedrun tool for Half-Life) on CSCZ and CSCZDS works fine. It also has other useful features, such as a speedometer. I think it should be allowed.

Here's some more information on it:

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It already does. You can use the command bxt_hud_timer 1. It has support for pretty much every GoldSrc game/ Half-Life mod.

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This is interesting. Are the three of you part of another CSCZ community? CSCZDS has been dead for a few years on here (with the occasional random run here or there), and the tour of duty has been dead for about a year. All of a sudden there are a few of you popping up and submitting runs and posting on the forum.

Nice to see some interest in the game all of a sudden.

What is this mod exactly? Does it enable bunny hopping?

I am familiar with strafe jumping and bunny hopping as quake has the former and UT99 has the latter (an in-game glitch in ut99. was banned from most tournaments back in the day). I am aware that half-life 1+2 and portal 1+2 has a similar feature too. I always figured you probably could in CS as well as it is the same engine.


I used to run this games Tour of Duty but became less motivated for runs cause most of my runs failed in the most common places and the AI is RNG on where they fucking go and that can either help or hurt my runs more that way, I would do more runs again but right now my computer situation has been kicking my ass and it's not helping but hopefully one day I come back to running this game again cause it was fun.

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