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Well i think its apparent that the rules aren't really being followed. There's all sorts of discrepancies between the runs.

For one when are we considering the run to start? In frusuha's run, (which is verified) it starts at the beginning of the first mission. And in mine and DemonStrates runs it starts when we click "Play". Now i don't care either way, in fact i'd prefer starting it as soon as we gain control in the first mission. With that being said, if his run gets verified as soon as it starts (and has load times removed). Then that should be in the rules and the other runs should be adjusted accordingly.

Now I don't think the issue exactly lies with the players, I mean after all if people submit something outside of the rules its up to the mods to deny it, or to decide with the community if it should be changed.

So whats it gonna be?


Mine and Frusuha's runs were verified at the exact same time. (According the the notification). I hate to throw accusations but i don't think the mod is even watching these.


Yeah if i just removed the intro mine would be a 58:51, plus i'm sure i'd a save a few seconds of loading throughout the run. Either way the point is that how can two runs that were verified back to back have this much of a difference in them