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So I stopped running this game a few months ago. One of the main reasons I stopped running this game is because bots spawned "dead" for me on certain maps. I could literally just start up a map and the entire terrorist team would spawn dead. I figured this was some bug, and that it would not be allowed, so I had to always reset my runs. People are not really active here, so I never bothered asking.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem? It wouldn't be allowed in a run right? I mean seriously. I one time spawned on 5-1 with the entire terrorist team dead. Big time save if allowed, but completely random.

I ask because there is another runner who started commenting on my youtube vid and he mentions this: "If you have to do a really nice run and have 2 or 3 maps have no bots spawn especially late game then it's just really fast".

So if somebody could actually check in that would be nice. You may be seeing it in the future if more people decide to run the game.

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Nevermind. Here is the convo we had on my youtube vid. wat wat=mew. Youtube vid=

sheppardkiller2 hours ago (edited)
Yeah but I'm not using the optimal strats to get to WR just yet but I can see how that can work but then again with that bug for round 1 if you manage to do a really nice run and have 2 or 3 maps have no bots spawn especially late game then it's just really fast but at least I dont have a split that I go over 3:30 in the entire run itself

BiGbOsSUT1 hour ago
Okay, so you have the bots spawning dead thing too? I figured this wouldn't be allowed. Roger if you are staying up to this, I am going to make a forum post and ask about bots spawning dead or not spawning at all. This guy is right. There are no guides or explanations on for the rules or run, yet it is the only community that has runs for the game and a proper leader board.

BiGbOsSUT1 hour ago
and he actually isn't the first to ask me. I was asked by someone else in another message board about rules, guides, etc. I think i'm going to make a thread or guide. I think new runners are seeing the empty community and are turning away from running the game.

sheppardkiller1 hour ago (edited)
Well the thing is, the bots being dead on the very first round is a bug within the game which would be really difficult to fix and if we do have a fix on the bug by a very certain method, wouldn't that make the WR obsolete?

wat wat50 minutes ago
well about the dead bots. as far as i know there is no fix for it. and i feel we cant just reset if it happens. tho i stoped a run where all bots were dead the first round in every single map.

i feel a single dead bot is fine. but if everyone is dead multiple times that is bad. we could always sv_restart 1 if everyone is dead. but this would mess up bot patterns so again not optimal.

wat wat47 minutes ago
but we should definitely make some guides and rules for this. I would love for more people to run this game.

sheppardkiller44 minutes ago
it would be awesome to get a dead speedrun game back to life, similar to how SHiFT_HD speedran Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom back in april when only 1 active runner remained and actually started to get the game active again and it work AND he got the game to be shown at AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) this year which was pretty awesome if you ask me. I think you got the best RNG for all the round 1 dead bots bug but idk why you would reset, but then again you would be really far ahead even though there isn't much competition

sheppardkiller41 minutes ago
I really do want to have my run submitted but I never recorded it because my computer is out dated and when I record I have the worst time trying to distinguish around the horrible FPS that comes with it because of one screen recorder

wat wat37 minutes ago
when it happens 100% of the time it isnt rng. its a bug. and i dont feel like its fair when a such op bug that we cant reproduce happens. i could have ran a shit run and wr'ed by so much. generally I dont want all bots to die in a round.

BiGbOsSUT21 minutes ago
Do you play the steam version or the original cd version? I used to play and own the cd version way back when, and I don't recall the bots spawning dead like that, but it has been years. Now I play on the steam one. Dunno where my CD ended up (two disks iirc)

BiGbOsSUT17 minutes ago
I may consider rerunning then as I was having to always reset due to dead bots., and I got pretty bored. If there is a fix for it, or if there is a hard and fast rule for it, I will consider rerunning it in the future. But the rule has to be pretty straight forward. Like a finite number not like "one or two is okay, but more IDK", that would be too confusing. Something straight forward like "3 max" or "25% of a team spawning dead max" or "not a whole team can spawn dead".

wat wat12 minutes ago (edited)
BiGbOsSUT I would say max 2 dead as a general rule. and maybe be a litte relaxed about all dieing once per run(or just say that the main rule can be broken once per run). just so random rng doesnt kill to many runs.

BiGbOsSUT6 minutes ago
so max 2 dead with one rule break? I could work with that. Would just have to be prepared. Look at our two times on easy. If I spawn in one of the last maps with all the bots dead, that alone COULD (not necessarily definite) alone would have gone faster than the 44 38 you posted (assuming I haven't spawned with more than 2 dead prior to this round). Everyone would have to be okay with that happening then because it does not technically break any of the rules but is kind of lame.

sheppardkiller30 seconds ago
Well I would be fine with that but I also made an interesting discovery that not only does the enemy bots die without dying but the same happens to your teammates but this might be a very rare occasion and it happened on Italy in my PB run but it didn't affect the round too much except I didn't have my high skilled bot to help out plus what if someone already had all the bots die at the same time early in the run and at the very last map it happens again and they're on WR pace, why would you reset?

BiGbOsSUT1 second ago
As of right now you wouldn't I guess. But if the rule is updated to anything like what mew said above, then if it already happened and it happened again you'd have to reset. Just all depends what the rule is if it changes.

BiGbOsSUT1 second ago
I'm going to bed though for now. I had already made a post asking on the forum on I will just update it with this convo from here. I'm okay with limitations. IDK if anyone else would respond, but we could just wait and see if anybody has anything else to say? Otherwise Mew really has the most say as he is a mod and has been running the game the longest.


This ^

And you could also just surrender and start the map over/sv_restart 1. I would alow the restart command in this case.

The only thing i can add is that my limmited testing with sv_restart is that it doesnt reset the patterns of the bots so you might get a round 2 pattern on the first round. (only tried on random map nr 1. Prod)


Could you just exit back to the main menu and go back in to your saved game and reset the map that way? Almost the equivalent of rebooting a console and continuing from that specfic saved game?


Yeah surrender just puts you back in the menu.

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Is that allowed in a run? You don't even have to surrender technically. You can just hit esc and go back to your saved game selection and select the current profile you are running. Then you can just select the map you were on. I don't see it being viable for easy or normal, but it may be useful in the harder difficulties. If your first round is going horribly (like you die in the first 6 seconds or so), then it may be quicker for you to just reset this way than to just sit there in spec the whole round praying for your bots to do their job (and we all know they wont anyways).


I've had a few of my runs get reset because the bots didn't do their job or kept moving past the enemy bots that I lost so much time that I just had enough with the run and started over which also tilted me.

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