There's at least one run that's been pending about 4 weeks for this game. It would seem like this game could use another active moderator or two.

Do any of the users that currently have runs want to help moderate?

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If nobody else with a run volunteers, I can verify runs. I have never ran the Deleted Scenes DLC though. The rules are pretty straight forward for it, so it probably wouldn't be too difficult. Although I haven't submitted a run in a while, I do login to every couple of days to stay up to date with the games I run/used to run.

Might be better to mod someone with deleted scenes experience though if somebody else with a run on here speaks up.


I wouldn't mind also moderating for this being the mod for the game series, if you're still looking for one.

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I too would enjoy being a mod for condition zero


I think its time to either split Deleted Scenes from Condition Zero or to get a couple new mods. I don't believe any of the mods have ever cared for Deleted Scenes. People have been asking for updates to the rules for a good while, but they've been ignored.

Also today my run was verified as well as frusaha's. I used the timing method that the old WR used (DemonStrates run), as i thought this was standard. But Frusaha started time when he gained control of the character in the first mission and also had load's removed(which hasn't been done either). So there's a clear issue there, why would the Mod(MewYou) verify both of our runs without adjusting(or Denying) one of them?

I have no issue with Frusaha's run, in fact i think it should be the standard timing method as its more accurate. What i have an issue with is the mods not being consistent with verifying runs/adjusting rules.

Edit: What i mainly mean by "being consistent with verifying runs" is making sure that runs are within the rules, and if there aren't rules to add them. I understand not everyone has the time everyday to verify runs that are an hour long.

Another thing to note is that both runs were verified at the exact same time.
I'll let you draw your own conclusions

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Well, I'll come out and say that I used to run this game myself, while I never did Deleted Scenes because honestly the WR times are kinda ridiculous and I mainly stuck with going against the bots and get a time that way, yeah the moderation for a run took a few days but even if somehow by ridiculous chance that I become a moderator, I'll try to log into this site every single day as I always do a daily checkup once or twice a day consistently since I've been starting to expand my speedrunning collection of records I hold now, and honestly I think the rules could be better set if there was 2 runs that timed it differently but I will admit I am guilty of verifying back to back submitted runs at times cause honestly there's some runs that takes hours and it's not worth going through 7 submissions of 2 hour+ runs in the same day, that's why it's usually better to have verifier mods to take care of it for you even though they might be less of the ranks, at least they serve a good purpose to make the upper moderators jobs a lot easier to handle. I don't mind moderating a game if the same rules are set and everyone is fine and of course that person is trusted for their runs just to keep verification lists cleared so people can enjoy their time if they couldn't do their jobs for that day, I'm always active and around if you want to ask questions or need my help, but you can reach me a lot easier on Discord because of mobile notifications on my phone pinging me whilst I'm at my desk so I'll be aware if you started a chat with me in DM's so don't think I'm not around if you message me and I don't respond immediately, sometimes I'll be playing a game or busy with family or taking care of myself because life 😛

Anyways I hope we could clear this confusion and slight inactivity just to help improve this leaderboard, in the future I might return to running this games easy bot mode again but I'm not 100% sure yet but I'll practice the best I can.



There should definitely be someone on the mod team who has a run in deleted scenes already. Prior to these past few months, this game was only ran for the tour duty portion; however, times have changed, and we, as a community, should adapt to this change.

I am in full agreement that somebody who actually has run deleted scenes and has knowledge of the run should be added to the mod team. It just makes sense that way.

A split would also work so long as mods are added to deleted scenes that know the run.

It looks like kirkq stopped checking this thread long ago. Maybe we should ask in the main forums somewhere?


i'll message kirkq on twitter to see how we should sort this out. I for one like the split idea the most, it would allow there to be more categories for Deleted Scenes without cluttering this board. And it would also give me and frusaha (The only two active runners) a chance to finally implement proper rules.

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