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please add categories for the tour of duty campaign. tour of duty (normal) is the most commonly used speedrun category for this game and I would be happy to see the other difficulties on here as well (easy, hard and expert)


Moreover, I think regular Condition Zero and CZ: Deleted Scenes should be separated (as different games, not categories).


Any word on having them as two separate games? Failing that would it be possible to have ILs for Tour of Duty?

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There probably is not enough activity for them to separate the games. First off I think splitting the games requires more work than it sounds (probably a direct request to an admin as well as moving the run(s) and such), and second, this site tends to do things by activity/user necessity. There is only one run for deleted scenes, and the cscz scene is pretty quiet. The mods also haven't been active on the site (check their profiles) excluding mewyou, and he is only active because my run beat his wr at the time. Took me pming all the cscz mods on twitch after about two weeks to get anyone to come back.

I'm pretty sure no admin would split a game that would make one game have only one runner and the other game have like 5. I do completely agree with the idea though. And ILs could be really nice. But again, they probably won't happen unless people start submitting IL runs (aka more activity in this scene).

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