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This game currently has no rules for usage of amiibo during speedruns. However, amiibo create significant differences to the game, such as getting a screen clear from Zolphi's Fortunes and extra Moolah. So I think there has to be a Amiibo category. Here are the rules I thought of.

1) Time starts upon selecting a file (so that Zolphi's Fortunes can be activated to get a Chibi-Smash. This makes the file no longer a New Game, so it has to start here.)

2) Time ends upon the start of the first loading screen after the cutscene where you defeat the final boss.

3) Chibi-Robo Amiibo can be any level (Forcing players to reset their amiibo before each run doesn't seem like the best idea, especially since a fully leveled amiibo is necessary to get all of the figurines in casual play.

4) Other Amiibo can't be used (A free 2000 coins from a maxed out Chibi-Robo Amiibo seems like enough. Each other one would provide 50 or 100 coins each.)


It's been a while since I've played and I can't find anything called Zolphi's Fortunes or Chibi-Smash, but I'm guessing you're referring to eliminating the amiibo setup time from the run. Would the goal of this category just be any% with amiibo? It doesn't seem too different to warrant a new category. I can think of one beneficial strategy to use with the super chibi-robo mode outside of the base speed boost time save. 2000 coins sounds nice but scanning the amiibo every level sounds like it would hinder all benefits.


After selecting a file but before hitting play, there's an amiibo button. Pressing that sends you to Zolphi's Fortunes, which gives the player a daily fortune. If that fortune is 80 points or higher (seemingly out of 100, but I don't know for sure. It has 3 digits so theoretically it can go to 999 points.), you get a Chibi-Smash, a single use attack that clears the whole screen of enemies. (While you can store many Chibi-Smashes (my main file has 5), you can only feasibly get 2 during a speedrun and even then the second would be luck dependent.)

Super Chibi-Robo can be used 6 times a day, so timing the run to when midnight rolls over allows for 12 uses. (There's a single text box when time rolls over, but it doesn't seem like a big deal when Super Chibi-Robo is very fast.)

The game stores your overall score up to a certain maximum, so you only have to scan the amiibo once when you want to redeem the coins. However, it will pester you with a text box whenever you're at that maximum every time you beat a level.

It's not the most different but I fear that just lumping amiibo runs with non-amiibo runs will invalidate non-amiibo runs since Super Chibi Robo is that fast and you can skip one phase of an enemy room with a Chibi-Smash.


Are you sure the super chibi-robo count resets at midnight? I thought each use had a 24 hour cooldown? Also oh I wasn't aware of chibi-smash it sounds useful for the enemy rooms and potentially the count umbrahla or industrial boss phases. Another thing I wasn't aware of is that the amiibo level is consistent throughout saves, I thought a new file would start with a level 1 amiibo so I thought it wouldn't be worth using. (Also I just used Zolphi's fortune, I got 82 and Telly said "I wonder where the other 18 went" implying the cap is 100).
I essentially see Amiibo as a NG+ category because you basically have to beat the game once to get the 6 super chibi-robo uses. The current problem I'm thinking of is if there were to be an amiibo category, could you reset to get another chance for a Chibi-Smash? If that were the case it'd be normal to start time at play instead of file select, once you've finally found a 80+ fortune. However, that opens up the possibility to wait until you have all 5 Chibi-Smashes before you start the run. That would have a lot of the "run" take place out of the run, but then again so does grinding your amiibo to max level.
I'm unsure if the amiibo might even save time upon further speculation. If we use file select timing, linking the amiibo and getting your fortune takes a little over 50 seconds. The notification at the end of each level costs about one second, probably adding up to around 40 seconds throughout the run. Each use of super chibi-robo costs 25 seconds. Overall the costs probably add up to around 3.5 minutes (assuming 6 super chibi-robo uses). The 2000 coins you get would replace around a little over a minute (2000 coins = 13.6 big coins, big coins costing ~5 seconds on average). Would the chibi smash and 6 (12?) uses of super chibi robo save over 2.5 minutes alone?


Yep, the game restores daily activities like Super Chibi-Robo and Zolphi's Fortunes whenever midnight rolls around. I'd imagine there's a time manipulation check though so you'll want to change time settings a day before the run.

The whole "grind until you have 5 Chibi-Smashes" is thwarted by the fact the game no longer recognizes a file that has used Zolphi's Fortunes even once as a "New Game" (Still has 0% completion though). So it's easy to prove a 100% untouched file is being used. They just have to show the file select screen before they start the run.

You can delete and recreate the save to try to get a Chibi-Smash; I don't think a hard reset will work as the game stores whatever fortune you go for the day. So starting at Play instead of file select would work as well. While you can try to get a second Chibi-Smash after midnight, odds are you won't get a second one and just waste time.

Super Chibi-Robo on top of moving faster also charges up Zip Lashes significantly faster than normal. It also negates battery consumption in a level entirely as if Chibi-Robo ends a level with 999 watts or more. (Super Chibi-Robo has 2000 watts max) he won't need to take any more from the Chibi-House. So even less trash has to be collected.


Oh yeah I forgot about the benefits from having that big battery and how it would effect scrap, you might not even need to pick up scrap in the run (aside from bosses). I separated the Amiibo usage within sub-categories.



One more quick catch: All Medals No amiibo needs a clause where you are allowed use the Chibi-Capsule Machine, as that's how you unlock World 7.


Oh yeah, it should probably have that mentioned lol